In light of recent events, the Idea Marketing Group team has been and will continue to take active steps to protect the health and safety of our team. We’ve made the decision to take our office virtual, so we can serve our website design and marketing clients in the best way possible. 

As our team is now working from home with a variety of online tools at our disposal, making remote work easier than ever. Platforms like Asana, Slack, Google Hangouts, Everhour, and more, can help your team work effortlessly from home. We know working remotely is a new territory for some, so we wanted to share what we’ve been using and what’s helped us. 

Organize Your Tasks

With workflow and project management software like Asana, your team can stay organized and connected even working apart from each other. Asana is a great workflow management platform that focuses on the goals, projects and daily tasks that help grow a business. Asana allows team members to track projects, assign tasks and subtasks, and communicate more effectively. 

Instant Message With Your Team

Another great way to stay in communication with everyone, and not blow up the email inbox is with Slack. With Slack, not only can you instant message your coworkers or team as a whole about what’s going on, but you can also conduct a Slack VOIP call to discuss the latest project. For organizational purposes, Slack can be broken down into separate channels and groups. Our team has channels set for each department with specific associates on those channels. We also have a channel for announcements, news, and fun. Slack can also sync with your Google Calendar, so you can see when your colleagues are in meetings before trying to send them a message. 

Check-In With Your Team Virtually

There is a bevy of tools that can enhance your outside and client remote communication. There are video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts that are ideal and free. However, both do have their limitations. Platforms like GoToMeeting are more robust but are paid platforms.  

Manage Your Time & Stick to Your Work Hours

When working remotely, it can get tricky to manage your time, and stay productive. With the help of Everhour, you can track your team’s productivity and keep track of time being spent on different projects and tasks. Everhour can even sync with Asana, making tracking time on your Asana tasks a breeze.

Smart Tips to Work Remotely

When working remotely, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal, like the ones listed above, but it’s also essential to have the right workspace, a schedule and create a to-do list. 

Create a Work Space

Creating a steady workspace where you can keep office supplies, your computer and other work tools are essential. Working from home can blur the lines between your work and personal life, but having a space that isn’t the couch or kitchen table can separate your professional life from your personal life a bit. It’s also great for client calls and team meetings to have a spot where you won’t be interrupted. 

List Out Your Daily Tasks with Productivity & Time Management Apps

You might already do this when you’re working in the office, but this is even more important to do while working from home. It’s important to stay on track as much as you can. Sure there will be new tasks and projects that pop up, but the important thing is to know what’s on the agenda from the highest priority to the lowest one. 

Productivity and time management programs like Asana and Everhour can help you work through your daily tasks and plan out your next day along with the rest of the week. 

Use Professional Communication Tools

There are many tools you can use to help work remotely. Like the ones listed above, most of them are free, but also have pricing plans if needed for more robust options.

If you just focus on your goals and be transparent with your communication, working remotely during these crazy and uncertain times will become easier.