Managed Hosting

Our dedicated servers from Singlehop are available to websites built by Idea only. We work with an IT partner that manages the server 24/7 and handles all any hardware failures or upgrades. Servers have a 99% power and network uptime SLA. In addition, our servers have been tailored for WordPress resulting in faster loading times and file compression including Gzip.

  • Monitoring: WordPress Core + Plugin Updates: Idea will make plugin updates monthly
  • Premium Licenses for Plugins: We include paid licenses as well as continually renew licenses for Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields Pro. A value of $180/year (if not hosting with Idea, these licenses will need to be purchased in order to receive ongoing security updates and usage)
  • Support and Edits: Up to 1 hour per month of text edits, photo updates and support calls included, additional time treated as billable maintenance
  • Backups: Idea runs full backups 3 times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Datacenter: Operates in Chicago with an additional backup location in Washington
  • In-House Support: Email or speak directly with a person in our office
  • Malware Removal: Idea will remove any infected files at no charge if a website were to become compromised
  • Included SSL Certificate: Secured website files and data using https://
  • Domain Registration: We recommend GoDaddy for domain registration (we are available to assist in purchasing/transfers)

Starting at $100/month (e-commerce websites are billed additional)

Alternative Hosting Options

All clients are welcome to set up hosting plans on non Idea servers. We recommend selecting a quality provider. Providers that offer hosting for low monthly fees deliver what you pay for with performance and reliability. Sometimes you may need even more than what our server can offer, if so, we recommend using WP Engine. Browse WP Engine Hosting Plans

*Time to set up and launch websites on third party hosting vendors are subject to hourly billing rates.


Add email to either of our hosting packages.

Google Exchange (Recommended)

Robust spam protection and is perfect for accessing all of your email from any device. Get integrated online calendars, cloud document storage, and team chat features. We are a Google Partner.
Storage: up to 30GB per user
Forwarders: unlimited
Price: $6/month per email account

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Office 365

An alternative to Google Exchange offering almost identical features. The user interface is often preferred for companies who are comfortable using Microsoft Outlook.
Storage: up to 50GB per user
Forwarders: unlimited
Price: $6/month per email account

*Email Support: Idea offers unlimited support for technical issues with the email account itself related to 1) Resolving hosting issues and 2) Fixing something that is broken. Other items like new email creation and setting up email on mobile phones or computers are subject to hourly billing rates.

Hourly Rates

All work is billed at an hourly rate of $125/hour*. This includes maintenance, email device support, development/coding, design, marketing, and consulting.

* Hourly rate is billed in 15 minute increments on a quarterly basis (monthly if requested) and is typically completed within 2 to 3 business days unless quoted differently for larger projects. All time is tracked through a time management tool. Rush changes are considered to be within 1 business day, and will be billed at $165/hour.

Monthly Marketing Partnerships

We offer set monthly marketing services to tailor a monthly marketing partnership to fit your company’s specific needs. Pricing and details can be found directly in that section.

All rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Updated 01/01/20

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