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8 Expert Tips For Image Content Use in 2022

Images help bring your content to life, and they need to be an important part of your content marketing strategy for your business. But how should you use images in your content? We cover 8 expert tips for image content use in 2022. Did you know that 91% of people like visual content over written content? If it wasn’t obvious that you should be using image content in your marketing strategy, then it should be clear by now. We continue to move toward a world of marketing where there is more image content and even video-based content. To stay ahead...

SEO or Social Media: 5 Key Differences and How to Choose the Right Marketing Approach for Your Business

Both social media and SEO have their place when it comes to achieving business growth objectives. But how do you know if you should invest in SEO or social media marketing? Although both approaches to marketing can be powerful, they inevitably have very different objectives and can be successfully applied at different growth stages of a business.  SEO is inevitably concerned with achieving organic search rankings so a business can be more easily found by leads looking for what it has to offer. It is a long-term sales strategy that focuses on creating educational content that nurtures leads by providing...

Why Does SEO Take So Long?: 9 Essential Reasons Why (And What You Can Do to Shorten The Process)

“The SEO’s job today is more than keywords and backlinks. It’s more than metadata optimisation. It’s more than even content. It’s the assurance of a frictionless user experience while delivering the right information at the right time and in a timely manner.” — Dainius Runkevicius Ah, SEO – how we’d all love to reap its benefits quickly and grow our businesses organically while we’re sleeping. But everyone wants to know, why does SEO take so long? When thinking about investing in SEO, every business should be aware that SEO inevitably takes time simply because of its nature and the many...

The 10 Most Common Misconceptions About SEO (and why SEO is worth it!)

Why Common Misconceptions about SEO Are Costly  SEO is undoubtedly one of the most misunderstood marketing strategies in the industry, given its lengthy process of strategy planning, execution, and traffic generation. Common misconceptions about SEO emerge because it utilizes many website optimization techniques to holistically see traffic growth, which takes time and is contingent on many factors working in alignment. SEO encompasses many moving parts – from content creation and technical adjustments to ongoing strategy tweaking to improve rankings and win over the competition.  It entails an involved process with years of investment that unlike paid ads and social media...

Fostering a Healthy Work Environment With Esther Weinberg of The Ready Zone

In this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast, Darren Fox discusses work environments with Esther Weinberg, the Founder and Chief Leadership Development Officer of The Ready Zone, and how they can be improved. The two go through the common pitfalls that many companies make, the importance of trust within organizations, and the growing emphasis on mental health. They also touch on how to maintain social relationships despite the difficulties of remote work. Stay tuned for more!

9 Reasons To Use Linkedin Advertising For Your Business in 2022

Today it seems like wherever you go, look, or click there are ads waiting for you. Businesses around the world rely on online ads to help their business succeed. There are many different platforms that your business can choose, but some are better than others. The most important ad networks for b2b sales like manufacturing and CPG companies? Linkedin. Today, we get into the 9 reasons to use Linkedin advertising for your business in 2022. The company Linkedin has come a long way since it began. Linkedin was launched in its co-founder Reid Hoffman’s living room in 2002. It officially...

Idea Marketing Group Recognized by Clutch as a Top 2022 Web Design Company in Illinois

At Idea Marketing Group, we provide comprehensive digital solutions to our clients in their mission to bring their marketing to the next level. Since 2009, we’ve been a trusted delivery partner to growing businesses for a wide range of services tailored to their needs. From search engine marketing strategies to custom web design, we’re here to help you reach your modern business goals. Top Web Designer in Illinois Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve landed a top spot on Clutch’s list of the top web designers in Illinois this year. According to the B2B platform’s latest research, we’re the...

8 Expert SEO Tips to Improve Your Website in 2022

What does it take to get your business noticed by your target demographic? Individuals, that are most likely to result in a conversion for your business? In today’s online world it can be difficult to find success. One way a business can do that in our digital world is by focusing on Search Engine Optimization or SEO for their business’s website. Keep reading to learn 8 expert SEO tips to improve your website in 2022. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tH4_TtLCZo Best SEO Tips with Expert Digital Marketer Darren Fox Search engines have become a vital part of our lives and the way we do...

How To Grow a Sustainable Brand With Liz Skalla of GIVN

Darren Fox takes some time to interview Liz Skalla, the EVP of GIVN, to talk about what it takes to grow a sustainable brand. They start with the company’s story and how they found success early on. They then shift into the specific marketing strategies they used to survive their greatest trials. Outside of GIVN, they also discuss topics such as B Corporation certification, brand development, and how to reach an audience.

How To Boost Your Digital Content and Marketing on LinkedIn With Steven Jack of BuildingPoint

In this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with Steven Jack, the Director of Business Development and Strategy at BuildingPoint Midwest and Gulf Coast, to talk about marketing on LinkedIn. They discuss the key ways to build and maintain a social media presence along with which kind of content thrives on the site. Steven also touches on digital and print media and the significant differences between the two.

Growing Profitable Businesses Through Sales Enablement With Jason Kammes of Brand Wings

Darren Fox interviews Jason Kammes, the CEO of Brand Wings, to discuss sales enablement and how to market your brand. On this episode of Pitcher This! Podcast, they talk about Jason’s own career and what led him to start the company. They also discuss the best marketing tactics for growing your business, the challenges presented by different industries, and finding inspiration through challenges. Stay tuned!

22 Best Web Design Terms for a Business to Know

Web design terms have become part of everyday business language. The internet is no longer a distinct sphere. It’s where your customers live and your business engages in digital advertising, selling, scheduling, etc. In this article, we cover the best web design terms for a business to know. Every business — even small brick-and-mortar establishments — needs a strong web presence in order to survive. And while it’s a good idea to let experts handle design and development, knowing web design terms will help you communicate about your website. Web Design by Idea Marketing Group that won a Web Excellence...

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