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Google Ads (also called pay-per-click or PPC advertising) are the fastest way to ensure your company appears at the top of your customers’ search results when they’re ready to buy. Perfect for increasing your top of funnel leads.

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With over millions managed annually, we know a thing or two about maximizing click budgets. Our Certified Google Ads Search and Display specialists identify your ideal target audience and keywords, set up targeted ad groups, write compelling ad content, A/B test multiple ad versions, analyze results, and optimize campaigns for conversions and ROI. We offers plans to fit your marketing budget and can customize to your needs/goals.

  • Platinum – For brands focused on growth and brand awareness
  • Premium – For brands seeking more targeted lead generation
  • Lite – For brands looking to explore paid search

Professionally Managed Google Ads

Within Google Ads plans, we will provide the following:

  • Research effective key phrases and competitor analysis
  • Write compelling ad content with a/b testing
  • Continuous campaign monitoring and analysis
  • Establish conversion tracking goals and pixels, optimize for conversions
  • Target ads to consumers interested in your core service offerings
  • Direct ad traffic to targeted pages on your website
  • Monthly reports
  • Dedicated Ad Specialist from Idea
Google Ads

Why Should You Invest in Google Ads for Your Business?

  • According to Google’s Economic Impact Report, Google Ads can deliver an $8 return on investment for every $1 spent.
  • Businesses of various sizes and stages of growth can receive the immediate benefits of instant traffic to their website with Google Ads.
  • Google Ads works exponentially faster than SEO; with Google Ads, businesses can show up on top of organic results in almost no time.
  • Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world, making its ads the most authoritative and trusted in the eyes of consumers.

A Manufacturing Marketing Strategy needing improved Ad Management

Jeron has worked with Idea for multiple projects, ranging from PPC ad management across various platforms to a recent manufacturing web design project.

Prior to working with our leading PPC ads agency, Jeron was not seeing the results they wanted for their ad campaigns. The nurse call manufacturer relied on these ads to generate inbound leads and keep the top of their sales funnel full of new prospects. Without effective PPC ad management, their campaigns were not delivering enough leads. The company needed a drastic change in its manufacturing marketing strategy. They needed campaigns that would reach their target audience, and drive awareness and conversions.

Outdated Manufacturing Web Design Wasn’t Supporting the Sales Funnel

In addition to a few leads making it to the website from their advertising campaigns, the website was also not optimized to capture those leads! Manufacturing web design is a critical factor in the number of leads (or conversions) that your business receives.

Outdated or broken website functionality would cause Jeron’s users to bounce before taking the desired action. Poor load speeds were also playing a role in their bounce rates. As a result, their lead forms were not seeing much traffic.

Other factors affecting the website included poor navigation, UI/UX design, and needed to meet SEO for manufacturers’ best practices. To address the array of issues facing the client, a brand new industrial web design would be needed that included an integrated web strategy.


Integrated Web Strategy to Drive More Leads

To address the issue of diminishing leads and reduced website traffic our team proposed a custom web design solution. The new website would improve the ease of website management, fix website navigation issues, increase lead submissions, and improve their overall SEO.

We would also handle the PPC ad management for LinkedIn and Google Ads. The campaigns would be created and managed by our PPC ad experts with ongoing optimization to improve results through our combined integrated web strategy.

Custom Web Design

A New Manufacturing Web Design For a Nurse Call Manufacturer

First, we provided a new manufacturing web design proposal that would address the numerous issues affecting the Jeron website. Our team worked to remove outdated code and functionality that was affecting the website’s performance. These edits improved the page load speeds for the website. It also allowed Jeron to have better management of their website, which means future edits and additions would be a simple task.

We also worked to update the UI/UX of the website, making the user journey more simple and direct. We organized the website in a manner that was cohesive and logical, allowing users to easily find the information they needed. Updated images and colors throughout the style built a better sense of branding.

The use of CTAs in strategic locations would capture user attention and drive more conversions than the previous website. Our team also worked to simplify the lead forms to provide as little friction as possible. With an updated website backend, the Jeron team would be able to quickly locate and download the new leads that came in. Simplifying the form submission process is a key factor in manufacturing marketing strategy.

During the web design process, our team of manufacturing marketing experts also worked to improve the SEO of the Jeron website.

We worked to improve the technical SEO and non-technical SEO across the website pages. These changes would help improve the keyword focus of each website page, which would improve ranking over time.

Improved SEO implementation would help the Jeron website reach a larger target audience and capture more of this valuable search traffic.

Our team of Chicago manufacturing web design experts delivered a brand new Jeron website that addressed the old issues and would serve as a sales asset for many years.

Google Ads

Leveraging Expert Google PPC Ad Management for Lead Generation and Brand Awareness

Along with the new manufacturing web design project, our PPC ad management team would also launch campaigns on two platforms to drive traffic to the new website. Based on the company’s target audience and budget we recommend our client use Google Ads and LinkedIn ads as part of their new manufacturing marketing strategy.

First, our PPC ad management team worked on setting up a Google Ads search campaign that would capture valuable search traffic. Jeron had run Google Ads in the past but wasn’t seeing the right results, Clicks, and CTR rates were too low.

Our team took a deep dive into the account and addressed the factors that were preventing the campaign from reaching its maximum performance. We refined keywords, and created brand-new ads and ad copy, along with a custom build landing page to capture leads.

This optimization improved the ad quality score and ensured that the ads were reaching the right audience. Within months under our PPC ad management, the campaign CTR was reaching the range of 3-5% and driving more clicks than previous campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads

Leveraging Linkedin PPC Ads as Part of the Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

While our PPC ad management experts worked on optimizing the Google Ads campaign, we also worked to set up a Linkedin campaign. Our team worked to create various ad creatives and determine ad copy that would drive action by analyzing past campaign data.

Our team took advantage of the improved targeting attributes on Linkedin to target the ideal audience for Jeron. This meant each penny of the campaign was better spent since it was reaching the ideal target audience.

During the first few months of the Linkeidn ads campaign our PPC ad management team performed A/B testing to find the highest-performing ads in the campaign. We removed low-performing variation so the budget would be allocated to the ads that were driving the most engagement. Ongoing refinement is a key factor in the success of PPC ad campaigns.

With our PPC ads strategy, we were able to run a Linkedin campaign that delivered results, and our client choose to renew the contract and maintain the campaign for the future.


Lack of SEO Optimization and Low Search Results Ranking

The first issue that Show Your Logo was experiencing is a common issue for many websites, the lack of SEO optimization and its negative impact on page ranking. When your site doesn’t appear on the first page of search results you’re potentially missing out on thousands of traffic clicks. Our client wanted a website that was optimized for search engine results and would get their page in front of a larger audience. Show Your Logo needed a comprehensive SEO strategy.

A Poor Website Experience for Users

Another issue that Show Your Logo discussed with our team of custom web design experts was the overall experience of their website users. Factors like website navigation were costing them conversions. Overall the Show Your Logo website left a lot of opportunities for improvement that would keep users engaged on the page and ultimately lead to more sales.

Users typically decide whether a website is good or bad within the first few fractions of a second into the interaction. If the first impression is negative users are less likely to use, recommend or trust the site, the opposite also holds true.


Manufacturing Marketing Strategy and Custom Web Design To Solve SYL’s Problems

Our consistent approach to web design user experience would lead to improvements in the Show Your Logo website through custom web design, manufacturing SEO  strategy, and PPC Ads management (Google Ads).

Our goals were to improve:

  • User interface to encourage new user conversion
  • Reduced cognitive load on users
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Consistency across website content and CTAs
  • Drive conversion with a PPC campaign
Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design Optimized for User Experience

We began building a custom web design using WooCommerce that would improve site functionality and simplicity of use for our client. Our custom WordPress website developers created completely custom features like an importer tool that converts products from a client-supplied Excel spreadsheet into WooCommerce product types and converts each product to a dynamic page. This intuitive feature creates efficiencies that reduce the time the Show Your Logo team spends on updating inventory offerings. Our in-house web development team also created custom client portal pages for quick reference and reordering.

Our custom web design team also worked on the front end, building a search function that allowed advanced search filters so customers could more easily find the product(s) that interested them. We continued the user features improvement process with an additional quick quote feature that could be used from any of the single product pages. Another feature we included in the new Show Your Logo website was the ability for clients to upload their own artwork.

Improving the UI/UX of an E-Commerce Website

Next, our expert digital marketing experts used their knowledge of best practices to improve the overall user journey and website experience. Our team utilized engaging photos that easily catch the user’s attention and support the general stylistic concept of building a visual hierarchy. Product images on the website help convey how the finished results would look and help set customer expectations.

We continued to organize the site using images and collapsible navigation tools that reduced the amount of distracting content. This led users where they needed to go more quickly and directed them to paths that would result in action items.

As part of the user navigation, we implemented several clear Call To Action (CTA) buttons throughout the website. These actionable items included “Quick Quote,” and “Shop All Products” buttons that drive users to desired actions. We created internal consistency by using the same colors and style for CTAs throughout the website so users would quickly and easily discern them.

Implementing these CTAs and simplified user journeys greatly improved the overall website experience and functionality. Users could now find desired products and information with ease, keeping them on the site. By highlighting and leading users to desired actions they’d convert to customers more easily. These updates helped strengthen our integrated web strategy for Show Your Logo.


Implementing an SEO Strategy as Part of Our Manufacturing Marketing Services

To address page ranking and lack of SEO optimization our web marketing team researched keywords and phrases that would optimize the SYL website. Our SEO experts implemented keywords in meta tags and titles to improve the website page’s search engine rankings.

As our team improved the use of phrases in technical tags and website written copy, our team also implemented an SEO and content marketing strategy. This strategy included creating monthly SEO-focused content to improve search engine rankings for specific keywords and attract more website traffic.

As a result of our website improvements and SEO strategy efforts, the SYL website saw a 36% increase in new website visitors the following year.

Monthly Content as part of our SEO Manufacturing Plan

In addition to the website SEO improvements, our team was also commissioned to create monthly SEO content for our client to further improve their search engine rankings.

This SEO focused content can be location pages, additional web pages, case studies, or monthly blog content.

The variety in our SEO content options allows us to be more responsive to Show Your Logo’s needs. The monthly content focuses on specific valuable SEO phrases and opportunities that our continuous SEO research uncovers.

Monthly SEO content will improve the rankings for these phrases over time and drives even more traffic to the Show Your Logo website.

Google Ads

PPC Ad Management of the Clients Google Ads Campaign

We also worked on creating a Google Ads campaign that would also drive traffic to specific pages for SYL. As part of our PPC ad management services, our team reviewed the keywords and bidding strategy to determine the most valuable keywords for Google PPC ads.

We organized the campaigns into specific product groups so that each of the Google PPC ads would target the most relevant keywords and reach targeted audiences. Our team also improved other key factors within the ad setup to optimize the Google Ads quality score.

With ongoing PPC ad management and optimization, we built better campaigns that would drive more traffic to the website through clicks, and also increase conversions. Within the first year, our top campaigns saw drastic improvements in factors such as CTR and Clicks. Overall Google PPC ad clicks increased by 206% in the year following our adjustments.


A Lack of Custom Web Design and Integrated Web Strategy

As a leader in pole barn supplies and materials, Burrow’s needed a website reflecting that. A quality building supplier that needed a quality website. However, when they approached our Chicago web design team that was far from the case!

The previous Burrow’s website was outdated and was not built to drive engagement as well as it could. Slow load speeds and poor user navigation were leading to high bounce rates and diminishing conversion. The UI/UX did not help build trust within their target audience since it lacked best practices. Their SEO strategy was also severely lacking and would need major improvements if the brand wanted to rank for their important keywords.

Overall the website needed a complete redesign that would give the brand a modern look and feel, improve user flows, drive lead submissions, and improve the page load speeds.

In addition, the website would need a completed SEO strategy as part of the integrated web strategy. Building the SEO would be an intensive process since the previous website did not have any focus on SEO.


An Improved Building Materials Website from the Leading Chicago Web Design Team

Our team began by proposing a custom WordPress website featuring a custom web design that would speak directly to their target audience and solve any user experience issues. The new website would also make management of their website easier. With the new website, Burrow’s management team could easily make additions or changes as needed, without fear of breaking the website or hurting page load speeds.

With the simplification of the website backend, our team also updated plugins and removed any broken or outdated functionality. This helped improve website page load speeds and functionality, meaning users wouldn’t have any issues using the website. Both of these are significant factors in website bounce rates.

Our team also created a more modern, simplified UI/UX design that improved the user experience. Now users would be able to easily find information on the new website. Site content was organized in the menu headers and clear CTAs encouraged users to convert to leads.

The new user journey would help drive more conversion and reduce the number of users who left the website in frustration.


Building an Integrated Web Strategy With SEO

After our team of custom web design experts had finished building the custom WordPress website we focused on the client’s SEO. First, our team of SEO experts researched the keywords and phrases that would be most relevant to their industry. We then identified keyword opportunities using our advanced SEO software. These keywords were valuable SEO opportunities.

With these keywords, we began using them across the website content. The inclusion of keywords in the content would be recognized by search engines and signal that it was valuable content. The ranking of these phrases would improve over time. Across the website’s core pages, we focused on specific keywords and phrases to make sure that the website was able to rank for numerous keywords.

From a technical perspective, our SEO experts made sure that the keywords were being used correctly in the website backend. The technical parts of SEO include meta titles and descriptions, alt tags, and permalinks. With the technical SEO done correctly, the website would see improvement in its ranking.

Monthly SEO Content Marketing to Further Improve Website Ranking

To build on the SEO improvements we made across the website we also suggested a monthly SEO and content marketing strategy. Our content marketing strategy includes SEO-focused content written by our digital marketing experts to build specific keyword rankings.

Our SEO and content marketing plan included specific location pages to reach target areas and SEO blog content. These would help drive more local and target traffic to the new website.

Our use of the new location pages would generate more local user traffic for Burrows. The local search engine users would be more likely to find the targeted location pages and click. Once the user arrives on the website our content helps build trust and CTAs encourage further action. Often, SEO content is the entry point for users to your website.

SEO blog content was also a critical part of Burrow’s SEO strategy. SEO-focused blogs are used to build content around a limited number of specific keywords and phrases. Numerous content pieces on the subject help build the authority of the website on the subject, and the use of an internal linking strategy can drive more traffic across the site. As we repeat the use of these phrases in related content the content pieces would start to rank higher in search results.

Our SEO blog content targeted phrases like “Post-frame kits”, or “Plyco Doors” to capture related search traffic that would be valuable to Burrows. Aside from generating more traffic and higher search engine ranking, they can also build trust among Burrow’s target audience. With the website SEO strategy and content marketing, we created an integrated web strategy that would build the website’s authority and capture more search traffic.

Email Marketing

Growing a Larger Audience With Monthly Email Campaigns

In addition to our monthly SEO and content marketing plan, our team also provided our client with a monthly email marketing retainer.

As part of this retainer, our team cultivated and grew a monthly subscriber list from the form submissions on the website. With this list of interested subscribers, our team would then send out a monthly email that focused on a unique service or product from Burrow’s to help drive engagement and leverage conversion. By keeping in constant contact with their target audience we created a nurture campaign that would squeeze out more conversions from previously interested users.

We continue to grow the audience and test email variations to discover the most engaging content for our email marketing campaigns.

Analytics Analysis

Providing Website Analytics Analysis for Our Client

Each month our team of digital marketing experts shares an in-depth report on the Asbestos Project Management’s website performance. In this report, we share valuable insights that help APM better understand their business pulse.

These insights can help APM identify new business opportunities or potential threats that could affect performance. Our marketing team breaks this information down into easily understandable takeaways that our client can use to determine action.

Idea Marketing Group

Low Cost Google Ads Audit

Let our team do a deep dive to show you what is working, what is not, and what can be done to get you better results.

Google Ads Audit

Monthly Google Ads Plans

Leverage Google’s paid search platform (PPC) to increase brand awareness and aid in direct marketing. Whether you want to review an existing Google Ads campaign or start a new one, we can help.


For brands focused on growth and brand awareness


For brands seeking more targeted lead generation


For brands looking to explore the benefits of paid search

At Idea, we have experience and proven data on best practices regarding ad copy, headlines, and keyword research. For every ad, we write the headline and ad copy, create ad groups, choose the best keywords, and target key audiences. Your dedicated team of Google Ads Specialists will be continuously optimizing your campaign as time progresses, ensuring the best return on your investment.

Within each plan, we will provide the following Google Ads Services:

  • Research effective key phrases and competitor analysis
  • Write compelling ad content with a/b testing
  • Continuous campaign monitoring and analysis
  • Establish conversion tracking goals and pixels, optimize for conversions
  • Direct ad traffic to targeted pages on your website
  • Monthly reports

Monthly management fees start as low as $500 based on the click budget. A 30-day setup that includes research, competitive analysis, campaign strategy, and initial ad creation will be included for each campaign.

Certified for SEO + Advertising

They took complicated content and created an attractive solution that looks professional and functions very well for our audiences.

‐ American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology - Chicago Healthcare Organization
ABPN Website Testimonial
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FAQ about Google Ads

Are Google Ads worth it?

According to a Clutch.co study, Google is the most popular and trusted search engine in the world, which is why 63% of people surveyed say they would click on a Google Ad, compared to 15% on an Amazon ad, 9% on a YouTube ad, and 6% on a Bing ad.

Likewise, a study by Google reported that online ads can increase brand awareness by 80% and that 50% of individuals that click on ads are likely to make a purchase. According to the Google Economic Impact Report, businesses can expect up to an 800% return on investment for every dollar spent on Google Ads.

Are you a Google Certified Ad Agency?

Yes! We have been a certified partner of Google since 2009 and we have multiple team members who regularly go through recertification as well as new certifications that become available within the industry. We manage over $1,000,000 in ad spend every year.

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads, also formally known as Google AdWords, are digital ads that businesses create with targeted keywords and ad copy, which appear in Google search results to attract brand awareness and sales from ideal customers. The ads can also appear on other Google platforms such as Google Maps, Google Shopping, and other Google partner sites.

Once the ads are live, the business pays for every click made by potential leads. The pay-per-click cost (PPC) accrued by a business for Google Ads depends on the business industry, keyword competitiveness, and other trend factors. From a digital marketing perspective, Google Ads have a generous return on investment and are ideal for businesses looking to grow their brand awareness and sales revenue quickly.

How much do Google Ads cost?

As with social media ads, Google Ad cost varies according to the industry (which is the biggest influence on pricing), business niche, audience trends, and other factors. Google uses metrics such as quality score, ad rank, budget/targeting, industry, Google Ad network, and PPC tools and services to calculate the overall cost of a Google Ads campaign on Google. On average, according to Google, the cost-per-click (CPC) for Google Search Network is $1 to $2, while for Google Display Network, it is less than $1. However, depending on the industry and level of competition, some average click costs for search can range from $10-$40 a click. We can help you determine your expected costs.

How much does a Google Ads Audit cost?

As low as $350, pricing is based on the campaign size and ad spend. We charge a flat, one-time fee for a Google Ads Audit. We will walk you through our findings and explain the details.

We have multiple advertising campaigns running, can they be tied into the website in a better way?

Maybe. We can’t give an accurate answer until we dig into the code and review the proper dashboards, most often, Google Tag Manager. We can usually see issues pretty quickly once we have access.

What will you need to perform the audit?

We only need your account number (found in the top right corner when logged in) in order for us to link it to our account. It is also helpful to get access to your Google Analytics for additional insights.

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