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Using Video to Tell Your Business’ Story With Ian Garlic

In this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast, Darren Fox has a conversation with Ian Garlic, the Founder of and CEO of authenticWEB, to discuss video and how it can be used to tell your company’s story. They go through the potential video has to boost your business, how to use it well, and the logistics behind your video’s successful execution. They also talk about retargeting your audience and getting traction through consistency. Stay tuned to hear all of this and much more!

The Secrets to Marketing on Amazon With Andrew Morgans of Marknology

In this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast, Darren Fox talks with Andrew Morgans of Marknology to learn about Amazon and the keys to selling well on the platform. First, the two chat about what a full-service Amazon agency even does and how they can be resourceful to e-commerce businesses. They then go on to discuss the importance of branding, why advice from your peers is so valuable, and which strategies work best for Amazon.

3 Tips on How to Improve Your Manufacturing Website SEO with Backlinks

A part of a strong industrial marketing strategy is SEO optimization and improving the manufacturing website’s backlinks. If you are curious about how to improve your manufacturing website SEO with backlinks you’ve come to the right place. But if you’re not used to SEO marketing speak, you’ve probably never heard of backlinks. And even if you have, you may be confused about what they really are and how they can help you upgrade your manufacturing marketing strategy and help you grow your business organically. Read on to learn about the power of backlinks and how they can help you attract...

Helping Smaller Brands Find Their Shine With Liz Seelye of Starry-Eyed Strategy

Darren Fox invites Liz Seelye, the Founder of Starry-Eyed Strategy, to talk about innovative branding and how small companies can stand out from the crowd. The two go over the full process of branding, along with expectations for pricing and turnaround times. They then discuss topics such as marketing techniques, finding your unique edge, and where to draw inspiration. Hear the rest on this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast.

5 Reasons Why Blogging is a Profitable Marketing Strategy for Your Business

It is no surprise that business owners are overwhelmed when thinking about marketing these days. They understand the importance of a website, social media, and paid ads, but most are confused about the function of blogging. Although they do understand that blogs help with branding and authority, they may not understand how blogging can help attract organic leads to their website. If you are one of these business owners, don’t fret! This article will spell out all the top 5 reasons why blogging is a profitable marketing strategy for your business that you should start today. Photo by from...

Are Custom WordPress Design or CMS Templates best for Your Manufacturing Website?

In today’s digital age modern businesses depend on their websites to interact with customers, generate revenue, and create brand awareness. A well-designed and functional manufacturing website will build trust with your clients, drive traffic and result in a higher conversion rate. selecting the right platform for your website is crucial for success On the other hand, websites that aren’t up to date, feature errors or operational issues, or suffer from other design issues are almost certainly leaving a negative impression on visitors and hurting their conversions rates. How can your business surpass its goals without having entire teams of developers,...

5 Tips to Improve Your Manufacturing Website Conversion Rate

Creating a website for your manufacturing business is about more than just having an online presence. It’s about getting eyes on your company’s products and services and obtaining returning customers. While it’s important for customers to know and recognize your brand, the most critical part of the manufacturing business is completing the sale, and that’s where your website conversion comes in. That’s why our experts have put together 5 tips to improve your manufacturing website conversion rate. One way to gain (or convert) customers is by having a successful conversion marketing strategy. That’s where having a strong conversion rate optimization...

How to Generate More Sales Through Funnel Optimization Strategies With Expert Dmitriy Pisarev of Business JetPack

In this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast, Darren Fox sits down with Dmitriy Pisarev, the Founder of Business JetPack, to talk about conversion optimization and how to create high-performing funnels. They go through what your conversion rate actually means and why you need to focus on trust and branding as well as sales. They also go through the importance of landing pages, slowing down your campaign, and staying up to date in the marketing world. Stay tuned!

The Important Steps in Digital Marketing With Steven Bork of Nova B2B Marketing

Darren Fox hosts Steven Bork, the Principal at Nova B2B Marketing, to talk about digital marketing and the keys to branding your company. They go through the overall process, including how to get content out of your client and how to rebrand a business. They then dive into more detail on real-life examples of marketing and how Steven has worked in the past. Hear it all on this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast.

The 6 Most Common Website Mistakes for Businesses Looking to Build an Online Presence

Only 64% of small businesses in the United States have a website. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you fall into the minority of businesses that currently don’t. But, you probably already know that having an online presence is going to play a critical role in growing your business and increasing your revenue.‌While professional web design is very important as you embark on your journey, so is knowing what to avoid. Here, we’ll be covering the 6 most common website mistakes that many businesses make and why they are too important to ignore. A website currently under development Mistake...

Launching and Promoting a New Irish Gin With Jason Kidd and Katie Dunn of Outcast Brands

Darren Fox invites Jason Kidd, the Founder of Outcast Brands, and Katie Dunn, a Member of the Outcast Brands Board of Directors. Together, they discuss Blood Monkey Gin and the steps they’ve taken to promote it. They talk through its conception and the ideas behind its branding. They then go into more depth on their backgrounds, the importance of asking for help, and the success they’ve found so far. Hear all of this and more on this episode of the Pitcher This! Podcast.

8 Expert Tips to Increase Your Manufacturing Inbound Leads

Why Your Manufacturing Business Needs an Inbound Lead Marketing Strategy In today’s digital landscape your customers are constantly bombarded with ads and content meant to get their attention. It’s estimated that the average person in the United States is exposed to anywhere from 4,000 – 10,000 ads daily. With so many ads, it can be difficult, and costly, to make your ads stand out from the noise and attract the right audience. That’s why successful manufacturers know that one of the best strategies to increase sales is focusing on inbound marketing. By designing a manufacturing marketing strategy that focuses on...

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