Haley Langer

Support Manager

Haley fell in love with coding and graphic design while personalizing her MySpace page in middle school. She began her education at Waubonsee Community College, and there she met Darren when he came to give a talk at the school. She reached out for advice on how to get an internship and started working for Idea Markering Group shortly afterward in 2012!

In the beginning, Haley focused on making minor updates to the websites, managing social media accounts, and creating design concepts. Then, she became interested in the development process, so our team taught her to code and develop custom websites. Her background in visual communications has helped her develop stunning websites with an eye for detail.

She is constantly educating herself by listening to podcasts, attending seminars, and working closely with her co-workers. In addition, she enjoys spending her time outdoors, exploring new places, and painting whenever she finds inspiration.


Hey now, This is what dreams are made of
– Lizzie McGuire