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The Mothers and Babies website provides resources to their three main demographics; parents, providers, and researchers.

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Finding the Right Website Formula With a Top Digital Marketing Agency

Mothers and Babies’ primary goal of the website redesign was to update the entire site to reflect a ‘User first’ mindset. In other words, we wanted to understand what users came to the site for and to make their journey to complete their objectives as simple as possible.

Along with their goals of organizing content and simplifying the user journey, we also discussed modernizing their site. The previous layout and feel of the site came across as dated, and was in need of a facelift. We’d create modern website elements that would engage their target audience and help the website SERPs.

It also needed to be clear the healthcare website provided additional resources and information for both researchers and providers. They needed organic traffic and users to understand that it was not just a website for parents. All three main user demographics; parents, providers, and researchers needed to be represented on the website content.

Apart from giving the site a new layout and elements, the website also needed to reflect an inclusive view of families and parental roles.

The Mother’s and Babies team was also hoping to achieve more control over their website and reduce their reliance on site plug-ins. The ease of management for their website needed improvements.

They needed a website that provided everything their target audiences needed end to end. We needed to make sure it was a website that could host the vast library of resources and content without sacrificing site speeds or creating a tangled website back end that wouldn’t allow for quick, easy adjustments.


A New Healthcare Web Design to Support Mothers, Babies, and More

Since this project had so many variables that needed attention the best solution would be a new custom web design that would support the client’s goals. Small changes or fixes would not address the scope of client and user issues they had reported.

While our custom web design team got to work rebuilding and structuring the website to address the functional problems and improve the ease of management, our front-end team and digital marketing experts worked to improve the overall website experience.

Leveraging an Integrated Web Strategy to Improve the Website Experience

To implement a successful integrated web strategy our front-end and digital marketing team would need to address the issues with the website targeting, its user journeys, and the brand tone and messaging.

The majority of visitors came to the Mothers and Babies website to access the vast library of resources. We needed to create an organized, distinct directory of resources that was clear to users and also specific to their demographic. By organizing content in a drop-down navigation menu according to the audience, (researchers, providers, or parents) we provided a directory of information in a neat, easy-access format that’s clear to visitors.

An organized hamburger menu in the main navbar kept the amount of content from being overwhelming. Users could easily find or search for information that was relative and ignore categories that weren’t relevant. Organizing the site and applying informative topic names in the navigation menus made the user journey more direct.

Next, our Chicago web design team looked at modernizing the website using a layout that would engage users and lead them to desired flows. We introduced several interactive elements including educational video content. This content engaged users in a meaningful way, which also benefited page ranking. Part of the engaging content layout included content carousels to draw the user’s attention. These carousels provided relatable content, while also promoting content that Mothers and Babies wished to highlight. Additional content cards were distinctly used across the site to provide another content layer that stood out to users.

We focused on providing clear actionable items to push site users where Mothers and Babies wanted. CTA’s used colors and distinct formats called attention to possible actions. Bright colors like eggplant purple, teal, and light purple for website action buttons drew user attention. Phrases like “Ask Us A Question,” “Find Support,” and “FAQs,” provide clear, relevant flows for users. CTA use helped improve pages across the new site.

Bringing to Life a New Inclusive Brand Strategy

Refining the brand strategy of Mothers and Babies was an important project aspect. We helped refocus the brand message and tone. Previously, the site heavily focused on Mothers and a ‘traditional family’ concept. With modern families becoming increasingly diverse and familial roles continuing to evolve, Mothers and Babies needed to reflect these changes in messaging and imagery.

We redefined their language and messaging to reflect a more inclusive approach that was not limited to only Mothers. To support the new messaging we worked with the Mothers and Babies team to choose imagery that also supported this modern view. Both teams agreed that the brand color palette needed updating as well. We switched from a more traditionally feminine tone to a gender neutral tone that supported the variety of families. These changes created a site that was significantly more inclusive.

We also made sure it was clear the new custom web design provided more than just resources for new mothers. Information for researchers and providers was also a key part of the website. By highlighting each of the demographics we clearly conveyed that the website was for more than just pregnancy and parenting.

Custom Web Design

Improving Ease of Management, Website Functionality, and Page Load Speeds

Our Chicago web designers chose a custom healthcare website design through WordPress to best meet our client’s needs. This platform allowed us to address the issues that Mothers and Babies we’re experiencing.

We built a custom healthcare website that could handle hosting the vast library of resources without sacrificing website quality or speed. Page speeds are critical to website ranking on Google. Each of our custom websites is responsive, meaning the content displays correctly no matter what device a visitor uses to access it. With an ever-increasing number of mobile device users, this responsive design ensures everyone can access Mothers and Babies’ content.

Site control was purposefully built for ease of management by the Mothers and Babies team. A clean backend kept the website from unnecessary complications and allowed the Mothers and Babies team to make adjustments as needed and gave more control over their website processes. We wanted to create a website that Mothers and Babies could use and adapt as needed without relying on their party support more than necessary.

During the build, we removed any links or content that would navigate away from Mothers and Babies. This kept traffic on the site and reduced reliance on third-party resources. We did integrate a Hubspot form at the request of the client. This integration allowed Mothers and Babies to capture user emails and add them to their mailing lists. This reduced the amount of manual labor and increased the audience of Mothers and Babies.

Through a custom rebuild, integration, and clean-up of the website, our Chicago web developers created a new website that functioned as needed and would be easy for the Mothers and Babies team to manage. Our front-end team created a site that reflected the modern brand of Mothers and Babies, simplified the user journey, and successfully engaged with each of their target demographics. Together these changes created a comprehensive integrated web strategy that would drive more results.



Building SEO with an Integrated Web Strategy for the New Healthcare Web Design

With all our healthcare web design work our team of SEO marketing experts ensures that the client’s new website meets SEO best practices. We do this by researching the most valuable keywords for our clients and evaluating what keywords currently rank highly. After identifying the most valuable SEO opportunities, our digital marketers use these phrases both technically and organically across the new Mothers and Babies website content.

While building the new website our team makes sure that the website’s meta tags, titles, alt tags, and more align with SEO priority keywords. Across website pages, our SEO team targets specific phrases to help improve those individual page SERPs.

While some healthcare brands do not focus on SEO as much as other industries, it was relevant for Mothers and Babies since they seek to provide resources to a variety of target markets. This was especially important for the parent demographic since they may be unaware of Mothers and Babies and the library of resources they provide for pregnancy and new parents.


An Award Winning Healthcare Web Design from Idea

Our Chicago web design team was pretty excited when we learned that our healthcare web design work had won yet another Web Excellence Award.

This time our work creating a custom healthcare web design for Mothers and Babies won the non-profit category Web Excellence Award. With custom website features, optimized user flows, and fast load speeds it’s no wonder that this website scored well. It’s our second time winning this award category.

We strive to always create award-winning custom web design work and our latest Web Excellence Award demonstrates how superior the work of our Chicago web designers is!


I was skeptical after our other digital agency failed us over and over, but Idea has proven to be an exceptional partner for us.

‐ K. Gourlie, Carmex - Top Lip Balm Brand
Mothers and Babies Web Design Case Study 01

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