Do Dinner Right With Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper has become a household staple across the US. With international brand recognition, Lefty has helped millions of families do better dinners.

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Hamburger Helper Knew Branding and Customer Journey Was The Key To Success

While Hamburger Helper packaged goods are just as easy to find in the grocery store as they are to make, their dedicated customers were struggling to find what they needed when it came to their online website. Looking to help the modern-day family, Hamburger Helper enlisted Idea to “beef” up their website with consumer needs at the forefront.

Hamburger Helper’s main goal with its custom web design project was to increase product promotion. Their informational recipe and product pages would showcase the breadth of their product’s value. Every consumer has different needs – and different tastes. Improved marketing of their many options would help make Hamburger Helper products more appealing to a larger potential target audience.

User navigation needed to be as effortless as possible. Increasing the user experience helps visitors find what they’re looking for, and increases the chance to stumble upon something new to keep them on the website page longer. Hamburger Helper wanted their consumers to have different ways to learn more about the product, both in terms of flavor options and inspiration.

For the custom web design, the website language needed to be updated. A large part of family-brand products is the characteristics they portray. Hamburger Helper’s message of being family-friendly, helpful, and delicious can be delivered through improved site imagery and copy across all pages.

Targeting mobile users was also important. The modern family advances with modern technology. With information readily available at the touch of a button, who wouldn’t use their phone for groceries and dinner ideas if it made things easier? With a low mobile score, Hamburger Helper’s original site was missing valuable traffic opportunities and the website was a major challenge for the brand managers to update.

Overall, Hamburger Helper needed help revitalizing their CPG website design. By clarifying the main aspects that Idea needed to resolve, the custom web design would be educational, inspirational, and shoppable for all Hamburger Helper consumers.


New Custom Web Design That Caters To The Consumer – Literally

Hamburger Helper wants to continue being dependable – at home and online. While Hamburger Helper is a product, it also provides an intangible service. Caregivers have a lot on their plate and appreciate quick ways to easily feed their families.

The new custom web design needed to provide quick, easy-to-understand solutions to their target audience. The custom web design proposal we provided addresses all the pain points the current website had. Ease of management for better brand manager support, direct and simple user navigation, and an integrated web strategy that would not only improve user experience but website performance and ranking.

Custom Web Design

How to Make the Perfect CPG Custom Web Design – A Recipe (Page)

The main reason that consumers venture to the site is to learn new ideas of how to incorporate Hamburger Helper products in these effective meals. With this in mind, Hamburger Helper wanted to strongly prioritize the “Recipes” section in their CPG website design. The redesign restructured the “Recipes” page in three key ways. It allowed a recipe hierarchy by designated meal time and type, users can now apply an intricate filter system for search results based on the desired product, ingredients, or flavor, and all product pages were updated to contain all information a user would need.

With a massive archive of recipes, Hamburger Helper has content to generate interest for both new site visitors and returning. Our custom web design team added a website search functionality, as well as a personalized recipe search, to allow users to find a specific recipe without having to use the filter or scroll through every recipe. By displaying their flavorful products in such an organized manner, users benefit from a better user experience where they can access exactly what they are looking for in a timely manner.

Our team continued to enhance the Hamburger Helper brand during the redesign with a refreshing style throughout the website that remained true to the brand. This was achieved through updated imagery, unique branding details, and SEO and page content strategy. Following the copy, the updated imagery reflects fun times spent in the kitchen. Lefty can be seen more throughout the CPG-focused site as you sift through recipe ideas.


Using SEO Best Practices as Part of an Integrated Web Strategy

The best SEO practices when redesigning a website have to be balanced with language that targets the prime consumer, in this case, young families. The tone of the copy suggests that their dry food products are fun, and show how playful making meals can be with a variety of creative new flavors to try.

While the website copy may seem as though it is written purely for the target audience, it is also optimized for SEO best practices. The top-ranking keywords for Hamburger Helper are embedded within the site on both the front and back end to help their website compete for the top search result rankings.

Google Ads

Running an Optimized Google Ads Campaign to Drive Traffic to the New CPG Website

As part of our promotion for the new custom web design, we launched a Google Ads campaign to drive traffic to the Hamburger Helper website. The ultimate goal of this campaign was to drive as much traffic to the new website as possible within the click budget.

We started by leveraging best practices and optimization techniques. We created a campaign that specifically targeted users within their target demographic to drive the most valuable traffic to their website.

Our ad campaign was launched on April 16th, and within the first two weeks, our campaign was seeing fantastic results. We should probably mention here that we advise most Google Ads campaigns take 3 months to reach maximum optimization as the learning model responds to our team’s consistent optimizations and campaign adjustments. However, with this campaign, we began seeing desired results almost immediately.

CPG Google Ads Campaign Results

In the first 15 days of the campaign, our campaign resulted in a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of +10%. For reference, a standard well-managed campaign should receive a minimum 3% CTR. Our campaign was performing at over 7% of the bench standard. In addition to the high CTR and clicks, we also were seeing an extremely desirable Cost Per Click (CPC). Overall the campaign saw very high impressions in the initial two weeks.

Our team also analyzed the data within Google Analytics to gain a wider understanding of the ad campaign impact. In the 15 days of our initial campaign launch (April 16th-30), the website saw 33% more users (as a direct result of the PPC ads) from the period before (April 1 -15th).

Custom Website Functionality

Using “What’s Trending” to Drive User Engagement

With the products properly sorted, Hamburger Helper felt they were receiving the representation they deserved. Plus, Idea even included a custom feature at the top of the home page. The “What’s Trending Section” results are based on live data that shows visitors which recipe ideas are currently the most popular on the site when they first arrive.

Long overdue, Hamburger Helper rejuvenated its brand image with a custom web design and custom website features. Whether consumers are looking for the latest recipe with hamburger or a classic like green bean casserole, Hamburger Helper will continue to be a trusted source for both dinners in your kitchen and on your phone.

Website Support

Hamburger Helper Helps You Find Dinner And Idea Helps Them With Website Support

The process has been planned, the custom web design has been implemented, and the site is live… now what? Many of our clients are afraid that at the end of their custom WordPress website project, the brand managers don’t have the tools to manage the website easily. Unsure of how to proceed, afraid to make necessary changes, or struggling to access crucial data can make it feel like you’re drowning in your new website.

Fortunately, with Idea, you don’t have to worry about managing your new website. Our websites are built with client management in mind and it’s as simplified as possible. Idea clients are easily able to manage their websites, and our support team provides training and resources to help during the launch and following months.

For website questions regarding changes to the front end or the back end, Idea is here to help! Our designated support team will answer any questions and if additional requests or minor updates are needed we provide multiple support pack options.

Have ongoing struggles? Idea’s very own Haley Langer can provide individualized training, educational resources, and future tidbits that will make you a website wizard in no time. Idea Marketing Group is proud to offer additional website maintenance support for our custom food and beverage website redesign clients.

Analytics Analysis

Providing the Ultimate Option for Brand Manager Tools: In-Depth Analytics Reporting and Analysis

Brand managers have a difficult job, managing a brand and keeping the brand reactive to new opportunities and proactive on potential problems. Fortunately, top brand manager tools such as Idea analytics reports exist!

This isn’t your average report that fails to measure the true scope of website opportunities and problems. Our deep dive provides comprehensive reporting on various website factors like audience behavior, user acquisition, website searches, and other key factors. But our report is a lot more than just numbers, instead, our interactive report also provides an in-depth analysis of your monthly performance that gives brand managers the info they need to improve their business.

Essentially, these reports are all the brand management consulting you’re going to need! To continue the improvement of their brand, the team at Hamburger Helper opted to receive Monthly Analysis Reports from the Idea team.

With these reports, the Hamburger Helper’s team received high-level takeaways, data analytics, and recommendations that were easy to understand. Our reports identify the problem or issue, provide insight, and even suggest solutions!

Our website support team often handles these recommendations for Hamburger Helper!

Hamburger Helper Website Design Case Study 01

The Idea Process

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