A Consumer Brand Used by Generations

Eagle Brand is a nationally recognized kitchen staple. Their sweetened condensed milk is used in numerous classic recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Eagle Brand Website Design Case Study 02
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Providing Better Brand Manager Tools to the Eagle Brand Team

As CPG web design experts, we frequently work as a brand management consultant. In this case, Eagle was searching for several key improvements to its website and online presence. The Eagle team wanted a new, user-oriented consumer goods website with an updated focus and brand messaging. The new focus of the website needed to better reflect what their target audience could do with their products. An updated and improved recipe page design would be the key factor in creating a new website that met these criteria.

In addition to the updated website focus and recipe section overhaul, Eagle also wanted to make sure that the new custom WordPress website was user-friendly, with an emphasis on the user experience. The new Eagle Brand website needed to be easily navigable for its user demographic. A clean clear menu that allowed users to quickly and easily find what they were looking for was essential.

Capturing Mobile Traffic Was a Key Element in the Website Redesign Proposal

The CPG web design would also need to take into account the shift in user behavior. While desktop computers still make up a large portion of internet traffic, mobile has grown into a significant portion of search traffic. Mobile users also represent a key opportunity for consumer goods brands, as many users search on mobile devices while they are in the store searching for a product to buy. Eagle Brand’s new website needed to be mobile-friendly in order to capture this new segment of market traffic.

Finally, the website would need to be more manageable for the Eagle Brand team. The new website would be built so that it would be easy for their team to manage, and make updates as needed. For example, with the previous website, Eagle’s team struggled to update information and images to reflect seasonal changes or product highlights. To increase their control over the website these issues needed to be addressed when we crafted our integrated web strategy.


Improving the User Flow for Eagle Brand’s Consumer Goods Web Design

Our Chicago web design team understood that a core goal of this project was updating the messaging across the Eagle Brand website to adjust the focus. The new Eagle Brand website would need to feature more emphasis on recipes and baked goods made using their products. Attractive images would be featured prominently across the website pages with a distinct Call-to-Action that leads customers to products or recipes.

The top menu bar would also need to be reorganized to place special emphasis on their recipe pages and to provide clear navigation to other website sections. This would help improve the overall user flow of the website.

Custom Web Design

Better User Navigation, Site Manageability, and an Improved Recipe Page Section Through an Integrated Web Strategy

One of the main objectives of this custom web design was a complete overhaul of the website’s recipe pages. The entire website recipe section needed to be updated to reflect current user behavior and meet recipe page best practices. We created custom recipe pages that aligned with recipe page best practices, meaning they were easy to read, share, and find the products used within the recipes. Links take users directly to where they can purchase the product or find it locally.

Other new website features like categories allow users to better refine their searches and find options in the categories that were of interest to them. The new recipe section also featured collections, so users could browse by options like ‘5 ingredients or less”, “no bake”, or “holiday.” With the updated recipe sections the user search was simplified.

With the improved user flow, these pages would see much more engagement from their target audience. The new pages were also much easier to manage for the Eagle Brand team. Any updates or edits could be made quickly and with ease. Together each of these elements was a key factor in the integrated web strategy.

Custom Website Functionality

Creating a Custom Importer to Manage the Recipe Page Imports

For the new Eagle Brand website, there were hundreds of recipes that would need to be added. To add each recipe would take months to complete and be a major drain on time and resources for the Eagle team. To avoid this our team of web developers built a custom recipe importer to manage the recipe page imports. This custom functionality saved the Eagle time and effort in launching their new recipe pages.

Recipe Book Image for Custom Recipe Importer for Eagle Brand Foods

On the technical side, our Chicago web design team performed numerous upgrades to the website like our custom importer to manage the import of hundreds of unique recipes. The new website also allowed the Eagle team to easily make changes to the website images and text to keep up with their seasonal promotions and product highlights.

From a design point of view, our custom web design team created a unique consumer packaged goods website with updated messaging and focus that also simplified the user flow, allowing customers to easily find the products they were looking for. There was a complete overhaul of the website’s recipe section; creating and organizing recipe pages that were easily filterable. Each of the new website page load speeds was also improved by our team.

Creating an Online Recipe Box for Users to Save Favorite Recipes

We also created a custom functionality that served as a way for users to save recipes they wanted to view later in a section called “My Recipe Box.” This option was present within the menu header across the website so users could always find it easily.

Website Support

Ongoing Support for Our Client’s Custom WordPress Website

Eagle Brand continues to rely on the Idea Marketing group for website support in add-ons and updates for their custom WordPress website. Our client has direct access to our amazing Support Manager Haley Langer. When Haley is not addressing our client’s needs she works diligently to review the site, offer suggestions and create add-ons and updates to help Eagle Brand stay the leading CPG brand for classic holiday recipes.

Our team trains our clients on obtaining the most value from their new custom WordPress website by educating them on how to use it to its full potential. This supports the Eagle Brand team as they easily manage their new website.

Eagle Brand Website Design Case Study 01

The Idea Process

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