A Superior Beverage Distributor

Since 1970, Superior Beverage has been a family-owned and operated beverage distributor of beer, wine, spirits, and soft drinks in the Chicagoland area.

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A Beverage Distributor That Needed Custom Website Features

Superior Beverage was a growing consumer goods brand that wasn’t supported by its current website. To maintain their growth, they needed a custom web design that would meet their evolving needs.

As a beverage distributor, their website needed to be easy to use and provide necessary product info. On their current website, it was not easy to display product selections, or for users to search their product inventory. This was costing their business revenue.

Another issue affecting the website was user navigability. Overall the web design needed improvement, a focus on the customer journey was missing plus certain elements simply looked outdated. Creating a better user experience would drive more business for Superior Beverage.


A New CPG Website for a Beverage Industry Leader

To address the issues facing the Superior Beverage website our team proposed a custom web design project. The new custom WordPress website would solve each of the unique issues they were experiencing.

Our custom web design team began by building the functionality that would be needed for the new website. We used an integrated API process that would allow for their products to display quickly and correctly.

We designed a search and filter function so that their users could easily search the entire product inventory. Now users could filter based on their search criteria and spend less time searching for products. This would help reduce bounce and increase overall conversion.

These robust technical features were built quickly and would be easily manageable by the Superior beverage team. Their team would easily be able to manage and edit the website as needed, which was critical since their inventory changes frequently. Based on their stock the team could promote items they needed to sell quickly.

In addition to the technical improvements, the website also benefitted from better load speeds. By creating a custom WordPress website we removed old or broken functionality that was slowing down the page load speeds.

Custom Web Design

A Custom Web Design That Prioritized User Experience

As we completed backend updates, our front-end development team worked to make a more user-friendly site. Improvements to the user journey were one of our main priorities.

A newly organized and navigable website menu and layout serve to improve the user journey along with cosmetic UI changes to give a more modern feel to the user experience. The website builds trust on the first interaction with its target audience. Additional features like improved CTAs also help drive more conversion than the previous website.

With the rise in mobile users, new custom web design projects need to be mobile responsive, providing the same experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. Our team ensured that the Superior Beverage website was built to meet mobile optimization standards. The new responsive and intuitive design for Superior Beverage encourages customers to visit and engage with their website no matter what device they choose to use.


Building a Better SEO Strategy to Improve Website Rankings

As our custom web design team improved the website functionality and layout, our expert marketing team got to work on improving the client’s SEO strategy. A comprehensive SEO plan is crucial to a successful integrated web strategy.

We began by researching and identifying keyword opportunities for the new website. By including keyword variations we were able to uncover valuable SEO opportunities. If we targeted these keywords on the new website we could help our client rank higher in the search results.

Next, using those keywords we began improving the technical SEO for the custom WordPress website. To build a strong SEO strategy your website needs to meet the technical SEO requirements which include a variety of factors like meta tags, titles, alt tags and more. These attributes help signal to search engine crawlers that your website content is valuable and relevant to specific users.

Finally, we made sure SEO was used correctly on the audience-facing side of the new website. Core pages focused on specific keywords to build the ranking for those phrases. The most valuable keywords appeared through headlines, copy, and other content. The repeated use of these phrases in the right way will increase our client’s website ranking over time.

Their new updated SEO means that Superior Beverage would start ranking higher in the search results and receive more traffic.

Web Design Award

Our Chicago Web Design Team Wins an International Competition For Website Design

After we completed our work on the Superior Beverage CPG website we were excited to learn that our custom web design work had won an award. Each year the Web Excellence awards accept thousands of entries from over 60 countries to compete for awards in specific website categories.

A panel of website and CPG experts determined that Superior Beverage had the best custom web design in the Alcohol and Wine category. This Web Excellence Award demonstrates how beneficial the work of our Chicago web design team is!

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The Idea Process

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