Our Idea Marketing team is always looking for ways to grow professionally, we’ve been using this time to add to our toolbox with certifications and knowledge of platforms we use every day. Our team has been recertified in Google Ads Search and Analytics, as well as obtaining new certifications from Hubspot and Facebook Blueprint. You can see what certifications our team members have by clicking on our pictures here.

Our Marketing Associate and Social Media Specialist, Jennifer Stark recently received her Facebook Blueprint Certification after passing the Certified Digital Marketing Associate and Creative Strategy Professional Exam. 

What is Facebook Blueprint Certification & How Can It Help?

Facebook Blueprint is an eLearning program that allows people to learn more about using Facebook and Instagram for advertising. With Blueprint, Facebook offers over 90 courses to help professionals expand their knowledge in Facebook ads, establish expertise, and earn verified credentials. 

The certification exams help social media marketing professionals stand out in the field. The social networking platform recognizes individuals who demonstrate advanced-level knowledge in various aspects of digital marketing on Facebook.

There are a few different exams a marketing professional can take to become certified including; the Creative Strategy, Media Buying, Media Planning, Marketing Science Professional exam, and more. In order to take the professional exams, you must take the associate exam. To become certified you need to pass both exams with a score of 700 or above. 

The exams cover a wide range of topics and areas of Facebook marketing and advertising. You can learn more about the tests here.

As we navigate through this time, our team will continue to enhance our knowledge and receive certifications, so we can better serve you and your business. We’re here to help you create an impactful marketing solution to help your company succeed. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you build a marketing strategy and how you can better promote your business.