The Idea team is happy to congratulate our Frontend Developer, Haley Langer, on 6 years at Idea!

Out of the entire team, Haley has actually been with Idea the longest. She began as an intern while she was attending Waubonsee Community College. During her internship, Haley mostly helped with website updates and assisted with social media here and there. As we began to grow as a company, Haley discovered her passion for coding and decided to enroll at Northern Illinois University (NIU) and take web design and development classes. She worked part-time while at NIU and continued to help with website updates and the occasional design work. Once she graduated in the spring of 2015, Haley joined Idea full-time and started working with our Senior Developer, Len, to learn the ins and outs of building websites.

Since she began as an intern, Haley got to try a little bit of everything as she learned our business, and says that is one of her favorite things about working here. Eventually, Darren gave her the path to Frontend Developer, which she feels works very well with her personality. She’s honored to be able to work at Idea for as long as she has, and has enjoyed learning so much over the years.

Outside of work, Haley has a passion for legos, going to the movies, and taking trips with her husband. To learn more about Haley, visit her bio and explore her likes and dislikes. Yes, she really hates alarm clocks. But don’t we all?!

Happy 6th Anniversary, Haley! Thank you for all your hard work. We all really appreciate it!

“I enjoy always working on new things and that each day is something different. I also really appreciate how family-oriented Idea is and how each member of the team is so supportive and understanding.”