Best practices and recommendations towards digital marketing.

Google Places, Google+ and Authorship

You know you need to be on Google’s extended networks. You know you want people who search you to find you via Google. So, what’s most important? Well, we recommend you make sure you are pinned correctly on Google Places...

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How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business

With all the hype over Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a powerful social network that seems to be neglected by those looking to increase their customer base. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, LinkedIn has grown its base to over 875...

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How to Measure Facebook Engagement

Have you wondered what the numbers were under the Insights Summary on your business Facebook page? Or maybe wondered how to track the level of success of your business’s Facebook page. Social Media Examiner offers up a great explanation of...

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5 Important SEO Factors for Businesses

There are many website owners out there confounded by SEO. It’s a topic that can cover a wide range of practices, some involving a high-level skill set. Search engines simply need a way to differentiate the websites they come across,...

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What is Your Brand Messaging Strategy?

Small businesses can invest in the most beautiful web design for their websites. They can have an elaborate system of pages created with all the most important links in place. They can have the whole thing set up and operational,...

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