Your business just launched its brand new website to generate traffic and leads, but you can’t find it anywhere on the first-page of Google. Time to panic? Not necessarily. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectively requires putting in a lot of time into the original content you upload to your site. The reality is, no marketing agency can launch your site and have it appear on the first page of search engine results. Here’s why:

Ranking on Google Requires a Consistent Web Presence

There is no one-time solution or service to ensure your site ranks high on Google organically over time. Google and other search engines continue to alter their search algorithms to provide the best search results for their users.

Essentially, your business’ site must continually produce useful and original content through blogs, case studies, and other educational information. If Google deems your site useful to its users, your ranking will rise over time as long as you continue creating new content.

Proximity Affects Your Ranking

Since mobile search has become the norm for many search engine users, Google has started delivering search results based on the searcher’s physical location. As a result, the local search results for users will depend on their location. If your business’ location is not in close proximity to the searcher, then your chances for ranking on the first-page decrease significantly.

There are SEO tactics around this for businesses performing services far distances away from their physical location. Location pages are an effective method to improve your search results in other cities your business serves. These landing pages are created on businesses’ websites to highlight a certain geographical area and target its consumers. They are essential for any company depending on business from their surrounding cities.

The Competition is Fierce

There is no way to control the amount of competition your business’ website will face in search engine results. Other businesses providing similar products and services in your proximity are also determined to rank high on Google using SEO. It will be a constant uphill battle to achieve and maintain a ranking on the first page.

This is especially true if you are just now implementing SEO practices on your site. Odds are, many of your competitors have made SEO the focal point of their site for the past several years. Organic first-page rankings take time and require a consistent output of original content throughout the calendar year.

If your business is new to SEO, do not expect overnight success for your website’s ranking. Businesses that cannot afford to wait for an organic first-page ranking use paid advertisements through search engines. Google AdWords pay-per-click puts your site in the top position of search results regardless of your SEO practices. This is a viable option to get your new website some exposure as you add new content to build its organic ranking.

Proper SEO practices can bring more traffic to your business’ website to develop leads and create brand exposure. As we’ve mentioned, it is difficult to attain a first-page ranking on Google organically. It requires constantly building and maintaining content and web presence. At Idea Marketing Group, we use search engine marketing to capture and convert the customers you want. Check out our monthly marketing packages to learn how we can help with your company’s digital marketing and take care of your SEO content needs!