“Mailchimp is to email marketing as hashtags are to Instagram. Easy and effective.”

It keeps up with the trends, it’s constantly fresh and new and in the world of email marketing, it works well (integrates) with many other platforms. It’s been our favorite email campaign management tool for years, ever since we realized that the free version of Constant Contact wouldn’t allow more than 5 uploaded images and we started looking around for other options. Five images per account, not email.


We’ve experienced other email marketing management tools (MadMimi, iContact, Vertical Response, Inbox360) over the years. Just because we became Mailchimp advocates doesn’t mean we haven’t kept an eye on other options. But, the more we research or sample the other email management programs, the more devoted we become to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp sets the bar high for the other email marketing programs. Whether it’s the user interface, the pricing, the accessibility, the compatibility or a plethora of other reasons, Mailchimp holds the Oscar for staying on top and being the best email marketing platform.

How to set up resends in Mailchimp

When we set up an email campaign, we almost always schedule a resend the next week at a different time and day of the week, with a different subject line (but everything else in the email is the same) to those that didn’t open the previous week’s email. This is a good best practice for most email marketers. It’s a polite way of getting in a front of a few more eyes without forcing the message again on those that already opened it. With Mailchimp, setting up resends is a snap. With Constant Contact, not so much.

In Mailchimp, sending a resend to non-opens is an easy segmentation of the list like this that occurs in realtime:


To resend in Constant Contact you’ll need to create an entirely new list. Doing so means having to take several extra steps and the updates aren’t being made in realtime. This is just one example of why we prefer Mailchimp over Constant Contact.


So next time you want to do some email marketing, consider your options and go with the one that sets the bar for all other email marketing managers, Mailchimp. If you need help with your digital marketing, email marketing, or your website design for marketing, fill out our contact form.