Email marketing campaigns are still one of the most effective methods to reach your target audience and drive sales

A well-structured email marketing campaign helps your business build a relationship with your website leads, as well as your past and current customers. It’s a unique opportunity for your business to speak directly to your customers at a time that is convenient for them.

Fortunately, with modern custom web design, it is easier than ever to build a mailing list that you can use to nurture your target audience. With a well-strategized email marketing campaign, your brand can convert more of your audience into customers.

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How to leverage email marketing for your business

With targeted email campaigns, you can reach your audience at critical stages of the buying cycle and improve your conversion rates.

While social media has its place in generating leads, given algorithm changes and the inability to have direct contact with your audience outside of social media channels, being in long-term contact with each prospect or customer may become a challenge. Building an email list and investing in email campaigns is still considered a critical aspect of a successful marketing strategy.

By capturing email info your brand can build a drip email campaign that converts your target audience into customers over time. It gives you the chance to build trust and share relevant information about your business as you establish a customer relationship. Staying in constant contact with your target audience is a good way to increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty.

Top Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business Growth

Did you know that according to Litmus, for every dollar you spend on e-mail marketing, you can expect a $36 return on investment? That’s the sheer power of e-mail marketing! Likewise, according to the same source, 78% of marketers said email marketing is an important strategy to overall business success and 4 out of 5 marketers would rather give up social media over email as the tool of choice to nurture their prospects.

In fact, a majority of small businesses rely on email marketing as their primary means of customer acquisition. Undoubtedly, e-mail marketing campaigns are one of the main elements of a successful content marketing strategy.

Professionally Managed Email Marketing

Our team of digital marketing experts understands how to craft a personalized email marketing campaign for your target audience. With optimized headlines and strong calls-to-action, we deliver engaging content right to your audience’s inbox. Email marketing campaigns deliver maximum results with some of the best ROI in digital marketing. Through effective email marketing, your business will build a lasting relationship with your clients that drives conversion over the entire customer lifetime.

  • Craft Campaign
  • Send to Audience
  • Drive Clicks
  • Increase Conversions
Email Marketing

Email Marketing Plans

Planning an e-mail marketing campaign can be time and resource-consuming. Understanding analytics, A/B testing, and user experience takes knowledge and strategic insight. Let our email marketing experts help you do what we do best so that you can focus on other aspects of your business’s growth!

Leverage the proven marketing tool with one of the highest ROIs to nurture your leads and grow your business. We offer tailored email campaign packages and content marketing plans to fit your marketing goals and budget.

We can help your organization with one-off emails or as part of a regular outreach campaign.



A Lack of Custom Web Design and Integrated Web Strategy

As a leader in pole barn supplies and materials, Burrow’s needed a website reflecting that. A quality building supplier that needed a quality website. However, when they approached our Chicago web design team that was far from the case!

The previous Burrow’s website was outdated and was not built to drive engagement as well as it could. Slow load speeds and poor user navigation were leading to high bounce rates and diminishing conversion. The UI/UX did not help build trust within their target audience since it lacked best practices. Their SEO strategy was also severely lacking and would need major improvements if the brand wanted to rank for their important keywords.

Overall the website needed a complete redesign that would give the brand a modern look and feel, improve user flows, drive lead submissions, and improve the page load speeds.

In addition, the website would need a completed SEO strategy as part of the integrated web strategy. Building the SEO would be an intensive process since the previous website did not have any focus on SEO.


An Improved Building Materials Website from the Leading Chicago Web Design Team

Our team began by proposing a custom WordPress website featuring a custom web design that would speak directly to their target audience and solve any user experience issues. The new website would also make management of their website easier. With the new website, Burrow’s management team could easily make additions or changes as needed, without fear of breaking the website or hurting page load speeds.

With the simplification of the website backend, our team also updated plugins and removed any broken or outdated functionality. This helped improve website page load speeds and functionality, meaning users wouldn’t have any issues using the website. Both of these are significant factors in website bounce rates.

Our team also created a more modern, simplified UI/UX design that improved the user experience. Now users would be able to easily find information on the new website. Site content was organized in the menu headers and clear CTAs encouraged users to convert to leads.

The new user journey would help drive more conversion and reduce the number of users who left the website in frustration.


Building an Integrated Web Strategy With SEO

After our team of custom web design experts had finished building the custom WordPress website we focused on the client’s SEO. First, our team of SEO experts researched the keywords and phrases that would be most relevant to their industry. We then identified keyword opportunities using our advanced SEO software. These keywords were valuable SEO opportunities.

With these keywords, we began using them across the website content. The inclusion of keywords in the content would be recognized by search engines and signal that it was valuable content. The ranking of these phrases would improve over time. Across the website’s core pages, we focused on specific keywords and phrases to make sure that the website was able to rank for numerous keywords.

From a technical perspective, our SEO experts made sure that the keywords were being used correctly in the website backend. The technical parts of SEO include meta titles and descriptions, alt tags, and permalinks. With the technical SEO done correctly, the website would see improvement in its ranking.

Monthly SEO Content Marketing to Further Improve Website Ranking

To build on the SEO improvements we made across the website we also suggested a monthly SEO and content marketing strategy. Our content marketing strategy includes SEO-focused content written by our digital marketing experts to build specific keyword rankings.

Our SEO and content marketing plan included specific location pages to reach target areas and SEO blog content. These would help drive more local and target traffic to the new website.

Our use of the new location pages would generate more local user traffic for Burrows. The local search engine users would be more likely to find the targeted location pages and click. Once the user arrives on the website our content helps build trust and CTAs encourage further action. Often, SEO content is the entry point for users to your website.

SEO blog content was also a critical part of Burrow’s SEO strategy. SEO-focused blogs are used to build content around a limited number of specific keywords and phrases. Numerous content pieces on the subject help build the authority of the website on the subject, and the use of an internal linking strategy can drive more traffic across the site. As we repeat the use of these phrases in related content the content pieces would start to rank higher in search results.

Our SEO blog content targeted phrases like “Post-frame kits”, or “Plyco Doors” to capture related search traffic that would be valuable to Burrows. Aside from generating more traffic and higher search engine ranking, they can also build trust among Burrow’s target audience. With the website SEO strategy and content marketing, we created an integrated web strategy that would build the website’s authority and capture more search traffic.

Email Marketing

Growing a Larger Audience With Monthly Email Campaigns

In addition to our monthly SEO and content marketing plan, our team also provided our client with a monthly email marketing retainer.

As part of this retainer, our team cultivated and grew a monthly subscriber list from the form submissions on the website. With this list of interested subscribers, our team would then send out a monthly email that focused on a unique service or product from Burrow’s to help drive engagement and leverage conversion. By keeping in constant contact with their target audience we created a nurture campaign that would squeeze out more conversions from previously interested users.

We continue to grow the audience and test email variations to discover the most engaging content for our email marketing campaigns.

Analytics Analysis

Providing Website Analytics Analysis for Our Client

Each month our team of digital marketing experts shares an in-depth report on the Asbestos Project Management’s website performance. In this report, we share valuable insights that help APM better understand their business pulse.

These insights can help APM identify new business opportunities or potential threats that could affect performance. Our marketing team breaks this information down into easily understandable takeaways that our client can use to determine action.


A Need for An Updated Online Presence

Asbestos Project Management came to the leading Chicago web design team because they understood that a modern online presence can be the difference between being chosen for their residential and commercial services and being passed over. The current APM website was lacking key features and functionality to position them as the leaders in asbestos services.

In the asbestos testing and removal industry, Asbestos Project Management needed to give homeowners and business owners a way to quickly and easily contact them for emergency services. They also needed to be sure that their website highlighted their “Free Estimate” service, which would encourage more clients to contact them.

The overall website was also outdated and needed a more modern look that would build better trust in their target audience. Aside from the UI/UX issues, the website needed faster page load speeds and better user navigation flows.

In addition, Asbestos Project Management was not ranking highly for a number of keywords and lacked a general SEO strategy for their website. To position themselves as the leading Chicago asbestos removal service, they needed to improve their SEO strategy and climb up the search rankings results.


A New Custom WordPress Website to Solve APM’s Issues

To meet the full list of our client needs we proposed a custom web design, built as a new custom WordPress website. The new website would address the issues that had been plaguing their previous website.

By building a new website we could create better user flows and improve the user experience while giving our client greater control over their new website. The leads would be much more accessible and allow Asbestos Project Management to close more deals.

With the new build, our team would also tackle the technical and non-technical aspects of the website SEO. These changes would improve the Asbestos Project Management website ranking over time allowing them to reach a larger target audience.

Custom Web Design

Building a Custom Web Design Solution for APM

Our team created a custom WordPress website that was much easier for our client to manage and had better page load speeds. This helped reduce bounce rates and increased conversion among their target audience.

The custom web design team also created a better user experience on the new Asbestos Project Management website by organizing the website, creating improved user flows, and including the CTA forms. Now users on the website can quickly find the information they are looking for our reach out to Asbestos Project Management for more information. The new custom web design highlighted the emergency support option so that clients could reach Asbestos Project Management whenever they needed it.

We also built a “Free Estimate” tool on their website that immediately begins the restoration process when the customer needs help. This tool would help motivate more users to choose Asbestos Project Management services.

The client loved the new clean and professional custom website and the fact that it would be easy to update over time.


Using an Integrated Web Strategy That Targeted SEO

In addition to the custom web design, our team also worked to improve the SEO of the APM website. We started by researching the keywords and phrases that were relevant to their industry. Using professional SEO tools we identified several keywords that would be valuable to the client. By trying keyword variation we also uncovered several golden SEO opportunities.

Once a list of keywords had been created we implemented these terms across website content and page headers. By including these keywords in the content it will get recognized by the search engine crawlers and identified as valuable content. Over time this improves the ranking for these phrases. Different pages focused on different keywords to ensure that APM would have several opportunities for higher rankings in the search results.

We also handled the technical SEO for the client, ensuring that keywords were used correctly in the website backend. This included meta titles and descriptions, alt tags, and permalinks. With these technical aspects done correctly, it would help further build their SEO strength and support their integrated web strategy.

Using Content Marketing To Build Their SEO Strategy Further

After improving the general website’s SEO, we also implemented a monthly content marketing strategy for our client. A content marketing strategy involves creating SEO-focused content to help build ranking around specific keywords.

This type of content included specific location pages to drive traffic in business areas, case studies to showcase APM capabilities and build trust, and SEO blog content.

The location pages served to drive more traffic in the local areas for APM. Users in these areas would be more likely to reach the location pages we built and then choose APM as their asbestos service provider.

The case studies helped potential customers understand how APM handles their projects and showed them what to expect. Throughout the content, we focused on specific keywords to help drive up the ranking.

SEO blog content is also very important to our SEO strategy. We use these blogs to build content around a few keywords and phrases. This content will link to each other, and other important pages to help drive action, while also building authority on the subject.

Our blog content would target phrases like “Asbestos Flooring”, or “Chicago Abatement Services” to bring in more search traffic. These blogs generate traffic and also build trust among the target audience. Over time they result in our client ranking high for numerous important keywords. This is why our SEO strategy is so important to a successful integrated web strategy!

Analytics Analysis

Providing Website Analytics Analysis for Our Client

Each month our team of digital marketing experts shares an in-depth report on the Asbestos Project Management’s website performance. In this report, we share valuable insights that help APM better understand their business pulse.

These insights can help APM identify new business opportunities or potential threats that could affect performance. Our marketing team breaks this information down into easily understandable takeaways that our client can use to determine action.


Decreasing Lead Form Submissions and Low Search Results Ranking

As with many manufacturing companies, inbound leads are incredibly important. Low lead form submissions can severely hurt business performance. Unfortunately, the team at NAI Group was experiencing fewer and fewer lead submissions each quarter. They also noticed stagnating website traffic and low search results ranking for a number of their keywords or phrases. NAI Group knew they needed the manufacturer marketing services of an industry expert.

The NAI team was looking for a top manufacturing web design and digital marketing agency to invigorate its marketing strategy and website presence. When Idea began reviewing the NAI website it was driving virtually no online leads. NAI needed new forms and website content that would leverage their product quality, experience, and capabilities to generate higher lead conversion.

The Importance of SEO and Content Marketing in a Marketing Plan for Manufacturing

We also discussed the importance of SEO and content marketing strategies for manufacturing brands. SEO content can help your brand start ranking higher on the search engine results for your most valuable keywords. The lack of SEO optimization and monthly SEO content meant that NAI Group was missing out on a valuable opportunity to drive traffic to its website.

Our team of digital marketing strategy experts would need to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for the manufacturing leader, NAI Group.


Creating Better Website Pages and Improving Form Layouts to Increase Leads

First, our team needed to make sure that each of the website’s pages was relevant and provided valuable content to NAI’s target audience. We evaluated each page’s performance to better understand the user behavior and what drove action.

Our team edited and updated the forms to reduce friction, which would increase the number of form submissions. After major form updates, the website saw 507 new form submissions over a two-year period (between 2018 and 2019).

We would use an integrated web strategy to increase form submissions and improve SEO rankings.


Providing SEO Strategy As Part of the Marketing Plan for Manufacturing Leader

We began with analyzing their current manufacturing marketing strategy and evaluating individual page SEO performance. Our top marketing professionals researched the keywords to maximize SEO in their industry and improve search engine results ranking. Using these terms we inserted them across the website content and other key focus areas that search engines evaluate, like Headings and metatags.

Our next step for their manufacturing marketing strategy was to create original, engaging SEO content. Targeting specific industry trends and product highlights our team created original monthly SEO content that drew thousands of users to the NAI website. After implementing our SEO strategy the website earned first-page Google ranking authority for 26 keywords where none previously achieved that level.

Aside from attracting additional traffic, blog content allowed our client to educate their audience and showcase their unique products, capabilities, and quality. This new content can also be pushed or featured on additional platforms to engage with even more users and increase website referrals.

By covering these key areas of SEO we were able to build a better marketing plan for the manufacturing leader, NAI Group.

Driving Engagement with a Manufacturing SEO Strategy

Implementing the manufacturing SEO strategy NAI began to see a marked improvement in engagement and audience reach. In the following year, their top-performing blog drove 53,451 users to the website. The NAI website also saw the following increases (171%); new users (152%); website sessions (95%); and website pages viewed (42%) following our updates.

NAI Group was ecstatic with the results of the manufacturing SEO strategy we’d implemented and requested that we also include the additional website development project to generate maximum impact.

Website Support

Ongoing Website Improvements with Manufacturing Website Support

Our web development team analyzed the site and cleaned up the website process and functions to improve page speed and operations. The removal of outdated or simplification of overly complicated processes improves the website speeds, which improves ranking and user experience. We ensured the NAI Group website would rank high in the areas of search engine evaluation to improve overall ranking and give them an edge over competitors.

While working on our client’s website our team worked to simplify the process of making changes or edits to the website which put our client more firmly in control of their site.

When NAI Group needs additional website maintenance support or troubleshooting they always have direct access to our top customer support manager Haley Langer. If you don’t believe us just read her Google Reviews. Haley is happy to answer any questions or concerns that arise with website support. When she’s not addressing our client’s needs she works diligently to review the site, offer suggestions and create training resources to help our clients.

I was skeptical after our other digital agency failed us over and over, but Idea has proven to be an exceptional partner for us.

‐ K. Gourlie, Carmex - Top Lip Balm Brand
Carmex Website Design Case Study 02

It was a pleasure working with everyone at Idea, because they are talented individuals who are professional, courteous, and exceptionally nice.

‐ Mirwec - Film Coating Manufacturer
Mirwec Coating Website Testimonial

My organization worked with Idea Marketing to build a new website that better showcases who we are… We are happy and satisfied customers.

‐ The Grove, Inc. - Chicago Hospitality Group
The Grove Web Design Testimonial

Idea Marketing has been our company’s website host for many years, and we are very pleased with their services.

‐ The Patio - Chicago Restaurant Group
The Patio Web Design Testimonial
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E-mail Marketing FAQ

How much does e-mail marketing cost?

E-mail marketing campaign cost depends on your industry, the size of your business, and your marketing goals. Whether you are looking to put together a monthly newsletter or a sales campaign, the cost will vary according to your marketing budget and goals. On average, you can expect your e-mail marketing costs to be around $300-$1,000 per month. At Idea, our full-service e-mail marketing plans start at $500 per month.

What are some advantages of using direct e-mail marketing?

There are many advantages to using direct email marketing to grow your business. For one, e-mail offers the most direct way to connect to your prospects and customers without having to navigate social media algorithm changes and channel losses. It also gives you the power to own your own e-mail list, which gives you the opportunity to establish and nurture communication with each subscriber that actually wants to hear from you. 

Additionally, e-mail marketing has one of the highest returns on investments for every dollar spent and is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to grow a business organically.

What is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is a marketing strategy that involves using your email list to send your followers, customers, and leads updates about your company. It involves nurturing the relationship you have with your subscribers by sending them newsletters, sales pitches, blog post summaries, and exciting updates. As a marketing tool, it has one of the highest returns on investment and is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services.

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