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Since 2009, we've become one of the best manufacturing web design agencies in the industry, we understand how custom web design can demonstrate your dedication to innovation and world-class products. At Idea Marketing Group, we also offer content marketing services that expand your business reach beyond your products, services, capabilities and capacities by highlighting your industry expertise, thought leadership, and aiding in supply chain development.

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Manufacturing Web Design Case Studies

Precision Gauge Logo for Idea Marketing Group Manufacturing Marketing Case Studies

Building a Precise Site for Our Client’s Needs

Precision Gage Co. has supported manufacturers with tailored metrology solutions that enable mass production since 1948. Their unrivaled focus and commitment to manufacturing quality and productivity objectives guarantee every inspection solution to be innovatively formulated with generations of engineering expertise.

Project Details

A Custom Site Build to Showcase the Full Range of Our Clients Services and Products

Our team of expert website marketers sat down with the PG team to fully discuss the scope of their redesign project. We prioritize understanding our client’s story and what they hope to achieve with their business. By better understanding our clients we can not only fix their pain points and satisfy their requirements, but can deliver improvements that they may not have even known were needed! We analyze client each project in depth to determine how we can maximize their opportunities for success.

With this project our client approached us with the main issue that their website did not accurately reflect their full range of services and capabilities, and that their current site was outdated and had an overwhelming amount of information that simply wasn’t digestible. This problem led traffic to ‘bounce’ from the page, which in turn hurt page rankings and fewer inbound leads, something they were looking to maximize.

As one of the best web development agencies in industrial web design we knew we could deliver exactly what our clients needed, and more. Our team has designed countless manufacturing websites that display a client’s products and services in a navigable and comprehensible manner, while improving design and page ranking, which in turn results in higher rates of customer inbound leads.

Showcasing Products and Services to Increase Inbound Leads For Our Client

We built a client site to efficiently organize content in a digestible manner. PG offers a variety of products and services. This increases potential customers, but also results in large amounts of irrelevant site information to visitors searching for something different. To ensure potential customers find info relevant to their intent, we organized the site ultra efficiently by minimizing distractions or potential points where clients get ‘lost.’

With this in mind we built a refreshed site layout, organizing PG’s products and services. On the homepage main menu bar users find options to select Products, Engineering, Inspection, and Calibration. Users begin their journey in the topic area that brought them to the site. If a user is uncertain a clearly visible search bar rests above the main menu bar. A click on the main menu options reveal services and products offered under that topic with descriptions that educate and inform users what they’re viewing. On each topic page users find contact form options directly beneath listed products and services. This constant option encourages contacting the PG team.

User journey was improved by simplifying navigation and the site’s search function. By organizing content we kept each page’s information from overwhelming users, ultimately reducing cognitive load on visitors. Reducing bounce rates levels per page improves the entire website search engine ranking. Improved ranking means increased visibility and traffic for the site. A ranking improvement by one place can lead to huge increases in clicks. While percentages across industry vary, ranking better produces higher traffic, meaning higher potential lead conversion.

The new site features modern design reflect our client’s cutting edge expertise. Perhaps most importantly, it resembles the layouts of leading global companies, subconsciously inspiring a level of trust and recognition in the first few milliseconds of user interaction. Use of modern techniques, like the parallax effect on the home screen, where the ‘back layer’ of the site moves at a different speed then the front layer, creates a 3D effect for users. This advanced feature is a hallmark of a well designed website.

While improved site and organization increases traffic and lead conversion, our team implemented distinct CTAs to call customer attention across the site. We created a Quote Request button at the end of the main menu that’d highlight on hovering to a bright blue matching the brand color of Precision Gauge. The main menu was pinned to stay in its location wherever a user navigated to on the site which meant an attractive CTA button was always one click away.

The new custom built PG site functions as their online brochure to customers. A new intuitive layout with Distinct CTAS assisted users in locating desired information and encourages contact form submission. New, fresh modern design was easily recognizable as an up to date and trustworthy site to visitors. Improvements in each page’s content amount reduced page load times and visitor bounce rates improves overall ranking. The new site met all their objectives and would be a valuable asset for many years.

Helping Our Client’s New Website Stay Calibrated and Precise

In addition to creating a website that would stay relevant for many years to come, we also offer clients continued support if needed. As a leading Chicago Web Design Company, we make sure to train our clients on how to use their brand-new custom websites so they have full control over the content and can make changes as needed. This reduces reliance on third party support and puts them firmly in control of their website.

When clients decide to update or make additions to their site our team is able to quickly and easily build on the custom code we’ve already created our adjust any current processes as needed. Many of our clients return again and again to Idea when they seek new features, updates or a complete website refresh. They know that with our simple and efficient designs the changes can be made almost seamlessly, and will not result in future complications with their website.

If the situation arises where the client needs additional website maintenance support or troubleshooting our clients have direct access to our exceptional customer support manager Haley Langer. She is always happy to answer any questions or concerns that arise. When Haley is not addressing our client’s needs she works diligently to review the site, offer suggestions and create training videos to help Precision Gauge better manage their website. This dedicated support helps our clients become more confident in fixing site issues and less reliant on third-party support.

NAI logo for Idea Marketing Group Manufacturing Case Studies

A Custom Manufacturer Who Needed a Revamped Marketing Strategy For Their Website

NAI Group is an international manufacturer of custom wiring harnesses and assemblies for the medical technology, industrial technology, and telecom industries. Currently, NAI operates seven plants worldwide with nearly 600,000 sq. ft. of production capacity. Their current production levels are above 2.5 million assemblies and they employ over 3,200 personnel.

Project Details

Generating New Leads and Improved Search Engine Rankings with Strategic Blog and Social Media Content

Our team sat down with the NAI team to discuss the full scope of the project they had in mind. We take the time to truly understand each of our clients and what their specific needs are, and what current pain points they’re experiencing with their business. Through gaining a greater understanding of our client’s problems and future plans we can offer solutions that are more meaningful and specific. Understanding their long-term business goals allows our team to construct projects that will function as the base foundation for future projects and expansions.

The NAI team explained to us that they were looking to invigorate their digital marketing strategy and presence. When they began discussing their project their page was driving virtually no online leads. Inbound and leads are critical components in the success of manufacturing marketing strategy for industrial companies. They needed a new site that would leverage their product quality, experience, and creative content to generate lead conversion.

As part of the reinvigoration of their online presence, NAI also wanted Idea to spearhead their website marketing efforts. They wanted to create engaging social media posts to connect with today’s evolving audience, an estimated 82% of US citizens use social media. Creative, engaging content was another key element they discussed with us. Together, these and other specific tools Idea utilizes would unfold in the form of an online industrial marketing strategy to boost page rankings, traffic, and engagement with the NAI site.

As with all Idea Marketing Group clients, we developed a comprehensive strategy based on deep client research, competitor insights, and industry analysis. We knew that our expert team could deliver the results our client desperately needed. Our team laid out our project plan to address their digital marketing strategy. We included a potential future project of website improvement, something that would have a significant impact if implemented in tangent with current efforts.

A Multi-channel Marketing Strategy Drives Increased Website Traffic to Targeted Calls-to-Action

We began with analyzing their current marketing strategies and evaluating their page performance. Our top marketing professionals researched the keywords to maximize SEO in their industry and improve search engine results ranking. Using these terms we inserted them across the website content and other key focus areas that search engines evaluate, like Headings and Metatags.

Our next step was to create original, engaging content for Social Media channels. Using specific content our team implemented a cutting-edge social media strategy to grow our client’s base audience and reach across platforms. Our outreach strategy was to utilize an omni channel approach which included managing email campaigns to reach clients with important content, promotions, or information that would be relevant.

On the website itself, we began including relevant content to engage site visitors by creating original blogs and articles. Blog content allowed our client to educate their audience and showcase their unique products and quality. This new content not only provides on-site engagement but can be pushed or featured on additional sites that drive both SEO and additional web traffic.

Implementing the new digital marketing strategy NAI began to see a marked improvement in engagement and audience reach. They were ecstatic with the results and requested that we also include the additional website development project to generate maximum impact.

Our web development team analyzed the site and cleaned up the website process and functions to improve page speed and operations. The removal of outdated or simplification of overly complicated processes improves the website speeds, which improves ranking and user experience. We ensured the website would rank high in the areas of search engine evaluation to improve overall ranking, and give them an edge over competitors.

While working on our client’s website our team worked to simplify the process of making changes or edits to the website which put our client more firmly in control of their site. Our team would also provide continued support for their website making any changes or edits they requested. When the NAI team needed to make significant changes or edits they had 24/7 access to our professional team.

With the right combination of content development, website SEO improvements, and a social media strategy we were able to produce improved results from our client’s digital efforts. From 2016-2019, the NAI website received 10,391 new blog views and increases in website users (271%); new users (252%); website sessions (195%); and website pages viewed (142%).

Over a two-year period (during 2018 and 2019), the website saw 507 new form submissions. During the same period, the website earned first page Google ranking authority for 26 keywords where none previously achieved that level. Ranking high on search engine results is critical, and even a change in one place can have a drastic impact on traffic volumes. Over 90% of pages on google receive no traffic at all.

Providing Marketing Effort Support and Website Maintenance

Our strategy created success for our client because it was based on 10 years of experience in the industrial manufacturing B2B space. Our research was conducted in collaboration with the client to fully understand their place in the market to set goals for our efforts. These key insights allowed our team to craft custom solutions that make all the difference for our client. NAI continues to rely on Idea Marketing Group for marketing and website content, website support, and maintenance.

When NAI group needs additional support or maintenance the experts on our team are always available. All of Idea’s clients have direct access to our exceptional customer support manager Haley Langer. She is always happy to answer any questions or concerns that arise. When Haley is not addressing our client’s needs she works diligently to review the site, offer suggestions and create training videos to help NAI Group better manage its website.

Hiroko Mori, Director of Sales & Marketing
MIRWEC Coating, Bloomington, IN
Manufacturing Website Design
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