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Since 2009, Idea Marketing Group has helped manufacturers who are invested in digital. We build custom websites paired with digital marketing strategies to grow your customer base and improve inbound lead generation. We are highly rated on Google and as a top web design agency. We eat, sleep, and breathe websites! We build them, maintain them, and market them.

Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Today, it is difficult for manufacturers to stand out online if they do not break the mold and embrace the power digital has on scaling a business. A well-defined marketing plan is needed to ensure the positioning is consistent on all channels and speaking to the right audiences.

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Industrial Branding + Design

Over time, the image manufacturing companies portray online becomes outdated and even the messaging itself no longer speaks to target customers. Most often, we see it done in-house by people too close to the business to see it in the same way the customers should. We help in establishing brand guidelines and modern looks.

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Custom Website Development

Where all your marketing channels feed into. With a properly built website, you are reducing the spending needed on other channels resulting in long-term savings and improved opportunities to generate more revenue through custom website development.

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Website Support

Websites, browsers, and user behavior is always changing. We provide plans to support website needs with routine maintenance as well as continuously improving websites to beat and stay ahead of the competition.

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Marketing + SEO for Manufacturers

Help your customers make better buying decisions by consistently publishing search engine optimized website content. If people can’t find you, they can’t become customers. We can fix that. We provide highly targeted SEO content for the manufacturing industry.
Monthly SEO + Content Marketing Plans Available

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Linkedin Advertising, Google Ads, + More

Whether it’s Google, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, moving your audience from awareness to action is a multi-channel pay-to-play game. We help make the most of your advertising needs.
Monthly PPC Advertising Plans Available

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A Message From Our Founder

Everything in business starts with an idea but it is all the different steps needed to see an idea to fruition that is critical. We exist to help manufacturers with the marketing strategy needed to reach their long-term goals. Over the years, we have seen many commonalities within the manufacturing industry and can get results quickly. However, there is no one solution that fits all. Instead, we learn your pain points, your challenges, your audience, and together, establish KPI’s that will be achieved by leveraging digital resources. We’re not just another vendor, we are an extension of your team and a partner in your growth.

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Meet Our Agency

Passionate + Authentic People

We work hard to be the agency you actually enjoy working with. You can speak directly with any team member and can tell immediately they have your best interest in mind. No bullsh*t or technical jargon. We all live in the US with a bulk of our team in the Midwest, mainly the Chicago area. Our clients are all of the nation including worldwide.

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“I was skeptical after our other digital agency failed us over and over, but Idea has proven to be an exceptional partner for us.”

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“It was a pleasure working with everyone at Idea, because they are talented individuals who are professional, courteous and exceptionally nice.”

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“We appreciated the easy access we had to the owner as well as their knowledgeable and professional team.”

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