Non-Profit Web Design to Help Get More Online Donations, Provide Educational Resources and Improve Awareness

Unlike most marketing agencies, Idea Marketing Group has decades of senior-level experience working with non-profit organizations. That experience matters when you're looking for a web design and marketing partner who understands your unique challenges and opportunities. We enjoy partnering with non-profits as the work is rewarding for our team members just as much as it is for the non-profit organizations, that makes a big difference in the end result. We can help keep stakeholders happy while improving the donations on non-profit websites and increasing the overall awareness of the organization.

  • American Board of Medical Specialties
  • Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation in Chicago
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Cassie Khurana, Outreach Coordinator
St. Mary's Service, Palatine, IL
Non-Profit Website Project + Google Ads Management
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Integrate your existing database

For your website to produce the qualified leads your fundraising and development staff can convert into donations, it has to work seamlessly with your existing CRM. Over the past decade, we’ve successfully integrated all of the top donor/volunteer platforms, including Network for Good and Blackbaud.

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Streamline online donations

When people are inspired to support your non-profit organization’s mission, we want their user-experience to be as seamless as possible. We make sure each page includes compelling calls to action and easy-to-navigate access to donation pages. Build support for short-term or long-term needs across your entire site.

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Retain control of your site updates

We build it. You own it. Our goal is to build you a website you can access and control anytime you want. For companies with staff in place, we also provide WordPress training, so you are empowered to make updates on your terms.

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Craft a compelling message

Our professional copywriters take the necessary time to learn about your company, your industry, and how you differentiate yourself from your competition. That way, we can create website content that attracts qualified leads and converts them into supporters.

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Offer volunteer & event registration

If you organize or host events and activities throughout the year, attendees and volunteers should be able to register online. We simplify the user experience so that the process is as easy as possible. Gather the information you need and give people an opportunity to support your non-profit organization.

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Searchable resource libraries

Many non-profit organizations develop and manage a large library of important resources. We can make that information sortable, discoverable, and searchable on your website. Using an intuitive search function, your website can guide visitors to the content they need, making it more likely that they’ll return.

We can help your non-profit organization reach bigger audiences more effectively.

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