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Businesses partner with Idea Marketing Group because they want a stronger online presence that produces better leads and more sales. For B2B clients, we provide custom, business web design and strategic marketing in order to help them compete with larger companies. Every business website we build is designed for the user, easy to update, and the content is optimized for search engines (SEO).

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Don Forsell, President
Show Your Logo, Oswego, IL
Promotional Website Project + Marketing Partnership
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Integrate your existing CRM

For your website to produce the qualified leads your marketing and sales staff can convert into sales, it has to work seamlessly with your existing CRM. Over the past decade, we’ve successfully integrated all of the top CRM platforms for our B2B clients.


Attract qualified leads with SEO

We make sure our clients get discovered, whether their customers are researching or ready to buy. We integrate several marketing channels throughout the year, as well as ongoing website SEO, and online advertising to reach the largest target audience possible.

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Retain control of your site updates

We build it. You own it. Our goal is to build you a website you can access and control anytime you want. For companies with staff in place, we also provide WordPress training, so you are empowered to make updates on your terms.

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Leverage multiple channels

Your website is the foundation of an integrated digital marketing strategy. We help businesses use their website content to attract qualified traffic from social media, email campaigns, advertising, and search engines.

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Track measurable results

We build Google Analytics into the back end of every website we design. This allows us, and each of our B2B clients, to better understand what content is working, what’s not, and why. That way, we can make informed decisions, based on objective data.

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Do more with existing resources

Small businesses often don’t have fully developed marketing departments or the advertising budgets of their large competitors. We work creatively to support your existing staff or serve as your off-site marketing department.

We can help your business reach the right customers and increase lead generation.

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