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Unlock the Power of LinkedIn Ads: Convert High-Value Audiences into Leads

With LinkedIn Ads, your business can tap into the immense potential of this professional networking platform, where over 740 million decision-makers and industry leaders gather. By leveraging LinkedIn’s precise targeting options, businesses can ensure that their ads are seen by the right people at the right time, maximizing their chances of generating quality leads and driving conversions.

Reach actual decision-makers and build brand awareness in your most valuable target market. Once you’ve built an audience, launch a LinkedIn retargeting campaign to convert more audience members into leads. LinkedIn advertising offers an invaluable opportunity for businesses to elevate their brand, expand their reach, and achieve their marketing objectives.

How Can Linkedin Ads Increase My Business ROI?

By creating a well-strategized and optimized LinkedIn Ads campaign your business can expect higher ROI on its ad spend. With our expert Linkedin Ad management, the ad campaign setup is handled so you can be confident that your campaign is set up for success. Our experts take the time to develop a full campaign strategy and then carefully ensure that your ads are built for maximum performance. With ongoing optimization, our experts make continuous improvements to your ad campaigns as part of our LinkedIn Ads management service.

LinkedIn Ads’ robust analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing businesses to refine their strategies and optimize their ROI objectives. During monthly check-ins, you can review who your ads are being displayed to and gauge success.

We work closely with our client partners to review the campaign data and implement changes based on what we find. Our LinkedIn Ads management teams handle every account personally and take the time to truly understand our client’s needs so we can deliver a Linkedin ads campaign that is truly effective.

  • Platinum – For brands focused on growth and brand awareness
  • Premium – For brands seeking more targeted lead generation
  • Lite – For brands looking to explore paid search

Top Benefits of LinkedIn Ads Management with Idea

Our digital marketing agency manages thousands of paid advertisements for various clients across different industries each month. Through tested and proven methods our ad experts can help improve your paid advertising campaigns in a variety of ways. Here are some of the top benefits of launching a LinkedIn ads campaign with Idea:

  • Experienced LinkedIn Ads Specialist
  • Monthly Check-Ins With a Dedicated Ad Specialist
  • Ongoing Optimization and Edits
  • Landing Page Management
  • A/B Testing
  • Ad Creative Support
  • General Campaign Support & Consulting

With Idea’s dedicated team, we make sure that your campaigns have everything they need to achieve your brand’s marketing ROI goals. Take 15 mins to discuss what your brand is looking for from LinkedIn ads management in our completely free consultation.

Why Should I Use LinkedIn Ads?

Besides the fact that the LinkedIn platform is the largest network of industry professionals and decision-makers, there are several key benefits of choosing a LinkedIn ads campaign. With our LinkedIn Ads management, your brand can benefit from the power of Retargeting, showing ads to those who have already expressed interest in your products or services. Retargeting campaigns can see 10x the CTR (click-through rate) over other types of ad campaigns.

With LinkedIn Ads, it is easy to implement A/B testing to determine what media, language, promotion, or CTA drives the most action within your target audience. Then your brand can make future campaign decisions based on real-time data to maximize the campaign’s impact. Increase the budget on creatives that drive the most engagement and remove the creatives that are just costing you money! With our A/B testing, we help your budget go further and drive more conversions.

If you don’t have creatives built already then our graphic design department will be more than happy to help out. Just share your brand styles with our team and we’ll create amazing ad graphics that will resonate with your target audience. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the graphics meet your brand’s expectations.


A Manufacturing Marketing Strategy needing improved Ad Management

Jeron has worked with Idea for multiple projects, ranging from PPC ad management across various platforms to a recent manufacturing web design project.

Prior to working with our leading PPC ads agency, Jeron was not seeing the results they wanted for their ad campaigns. The nurse call manufacturer relied on these ads to generate inbound leads and keep the top of their sales funnel full of new prospects. Without effective PPC ad management, their campaigns were not delivering enough leads. The company needed a drastic change in its manufacturing marketing strategy. They needed campaigns that would reach their target audience, and drive awareness and conversions.

Outdated Manufacturing Web Design Wasn’t Supporting the Sales Funnel

In addition to a few leads making it to the website from their advertising campaigns, the website was also not optimized to capture those leads! Manufacturing web design is a critical factor in the number of leads (or conversions) that your business receives.

Outdated or broken website functionality would cause Jeron’s users to bounce before taking the desired action. Poor load speeds were also playing a role in their bounce rates. As a result, their lead forms were not seeing much traffic.

Other factors affecting the website included poor navigation, UI/UX design, and needed to meet SEO for manufacturers’ best practices. To address the array of issues facing the client, a brand new industrial web design would be needed that included an integrated web strategy.


Integrated Web Strategy to Drive More Leads

To address the issue of diminishing leads and reduced website traffic our team proposed a custom web design solution. The new website would improve the ease of website management, fix website navigation issues, increase lead submissions, and improve their overall SEO.

We would also handle the PPC ad management for LinkedIn and Google Ads. The campaigns would be created and managed by our PPC ad experts with ongoing optimization to improve results through our combined integrated web strategy.

Custom Web Design

A New Manufacturing Web Design For a Nurse Call Manufacturer

First, we provided a new manufacturing web design proposal that would address the numerous issues affecting the Jeron website. Our team worked to remove outdated code and functionality that was affecting the website’s performance. These edits improved the page load speeds for the website. It also allowed Jeron to have better management of their website, which means future edits and additions would be a simple task.

We also worked to update the UI/UX of the website, making the user journey more simple and direct. We organized the website in a manner that was cohesive and logical, allowing users to easily find the information they needed. Updated images and colors throughout the style built a better sense of branding.

The use of CTAs in strategic locations would capture user attention and drive more conversions than the previous website. Our team also worked to simplify the lead forms to provide as little friction as possible. With an updated website backend, the Jeron team would be able to quickly locate and download the new leads that came in. Simplifying the form submission process is a key factor in manufacturing marketing strategy.

During the web design process, our team of manufacturing marketing experts also worked to improve the SEO of the Jeron website.

We worked to improve the technical SEO and non-technical SEO across the website pages. These changes would help improve the keyword focus of each website page, which would improve ranking over time.

Improved SEO implementation would help the Jeron website reach a larger target audience and capture more of this valuable search traffic.

Our team of Chicago manufacturing web design experts delivered a brand new Jeron website that addressed the old issues and would serve as a sales asset for many years.

Google Ads

Leveraging Expert Google PPC Ad Management for Lead Generation and Brand Awareness

Along with the new manufacturing web design project, our PPC ad management team would also launch campaigns on two platforms to drive traffic to the new website. Based on the company’s target audience and budget we recommend our client use Google Ads and LinkedIn ads as part of their new manufacturing marketing strategy.

First, our PPC ad management team worked on setting up a Google Ads search campaign that would capture valuable search traffic. Jeron had run Google Ads in the past but wasn’t seeing the right results, Clicks, and CTR rates were too low.

Our team took a deep dive into the account and addressed the factors that were preventing the campaign from reaching its maximum performance. We refined keywords, and created brand-new ads and ad copy, along with a custom build landing page to capture leads.

This optimization improved the ad quality score and ensured that the ads were reaching the right audience. Within months under our PPC ad management, the campaign CTR was reaching the range of 3-5% and driving more clicks than previous campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads

Leveraging Linkedin PPC Ads as Part of the Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

While our PPC ad management experts worked on optimizing the Google Ads campaign, we also worked to set up a Linkedin campaign. Our team worked to create various ad creatives and determine ad copy that would drive action by analyzing past campaign data.

Our team took advantage of the improved targeting attributes on Linkedin to target the ideal audience for Jeron. This meant each penny of the campaign was better spent since it was reaching the ideal target audience.

During the first few months of the Linkeidn ads campaign our PPC ad management team performed A/B testing to find the highest-performing ads in the campaign. We removed low-performing variation so the budget would be allocated to the ads that were driving the most engagement. Ongoing refinement is a key factor in the success of PPC ad campaigns.

With our PPC ads strategy, we were able to run a Linkedin campaign that delivered results, and our client choose to renew the contract and maintain the campaign for the future.

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Monthly LinkedIn Ads Management

Our team makes it easy to get started improving your marketing ROI with our LinkedIn Ads management plans. We offer a variety of LinkedIn Ads plans that can match any budget. Our team will set up a discovery call to learn more about your specific goals and business as we develop a comprehensive strategy for your LinkedIn Ads. With our research, experience, and dedication our team can deliver the LinkedIn ads campaign with the results that you are looking for!


For brands focused on growth and brand awareness


For brands seeking more targeted lead generation


For brands looking to explore the benefits of paid search

At Idea, we have experience and proven data on best practices regarding LinkedIn ad copy, headlines, and keyword research. For every ad, we write the headline and ad copy, choose the best keywords, and target key LinkedIn audiences. Your dedicated team of LinkedIn Ads Specialists will be continuously optimizing your campaign as time progresses, ensuring the best return on your investment.

Within each plan, we will provide the following Google Ads Services:

  • Research effective key phrases and competitor analysis
  • Write compelling ad content with a/b testing
  • Continuous campaign monitoring and analysis
  • Establish conversion tracking goals and pixels, optimize for conversions
  • Direct ad traffic to targeted pages on your website
  • Monthly check ins

Monthly management fees start as low as $500 based on the click budget. A 30-day setup that includes research, competitive analysis, campaign strategy, and initial ad creation will be included for each campaign.

Certified for SEO + Advertising

Idea Marketing has been our company’s website host for many years, and we are very pleased with their services.

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FAQ about LinkedIn Ads

Are you a Certified LinkedIn Ad Agency?

Yes! We have certified LinkedIn Ad experts who regularly go through recertification as well as new certifications that become available within the industry. We manage over $1,000,000 in paid ad spending every year.

Can I Target Individuals On LinkedIn Advertising?

Yes, however, it is not advised to target individuals. To target individuals you must have the emails of the users you wish to target. Since most users use a personal email and not their professional email, it may be difficult to target the individuals you wish to reach.

Can I Target Specific Companies With LinkedIn Ads?

Yes! If you have a list of companies that your brand would like to target, you can specifically target them with your LinkedIn Ad campaign. The list must meet the company targeting requirements to advertise on LinkedIn.

Do I Need a Landing Page For My LinkedIn Ads?

While it is not required it is highly recommended to create a landing page for your LinkedIn Ads campaign if you hope to see a high success rate. A landing page can help increase your LinkedIn Ads conversion rate and drive more ROI. It also gives your brand the opportunity to provide more information and highlight specific features or details.

Does LinkedIn Ads Offer Retargeting?

Yes. LinkedIn advertising offers a valuable feature known as retargeting. Retargeting can be done once you have built a website audience and met the retargeting ad requirements. Then your brand can launch LinkedIn retargeting ads to reach the audience that is most likely to convert into sales or leads.

How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost?

LinkedIn Ads can be customized to fit almost any paid advertising budget. You can choose your monthly spend and run ads that fit within your monthly budget. Just speak with our paid advertising experts to learn about your options!

Is There A Minimum Number of Companies Required For LinkedIn Ads Targeting?

Yes! If you have a list of companies that your brand would like to target, you can specifically target them with your LinkedIn Ad campaign. The list must meet the company targeting requirements to advertise on LinkedIn.

Should I Run Both LinkedIn Ads And Google Ads?

If your budget allows for running Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads then we recommend running them both. Both platforms can reach a unique target audience and drive conversions. With two platforms you can build better brand awareness and drive more sales.

What Industries Is LinkedIn Advertising Best For?

LinkedIn advertising is best for the B2B markets since the platform is aimed at business professionals. Certain B2C categories like professional services can easily find success in LinkedIn advertising.

What Is The Minimum Budget for LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads can be customized to fit almost any paid advertising budget. You can choose your monthly spend and run ads that fit within your monthly budget. Just speak with our paid advertising experts to learn about your options!

When Can I Start LinkedIn Ads Retargeting?

You can begin LinkedIn ads targeting once you have built your website audience. This must be set up and completed before any retargeting campaigns can occur. The minimum website audience for LinkedIn is 300 users.

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