A Global Interconnect Solutions Manufacturer

NAI is an international manufacturer of custom wiring harnesses and assemblies for the medical technology, industrial technology, and telecom industries with 7 plants worldwide.

Idea Manufacturing Case Study NAI
50% New Users Came From SEO Blogs
71% Increase Website Users Post-Launch
50,000+ Users On Top Performing SEO Blog

Decreasing Lead Form Submissions and Low Search Results Ranking

As with many manufacturing companies, inbound leads are incredibly important. Low lead form submissions can severely hurt business performance. Unfortunately, the team at NAI Group was experiencing fewer and fewer lead submissions each quarter. They also noticed stagnating website traffic and low search results ranking for a number of their keywords or phrases. NAI Group knew they needed the manufacturer marketing services of an industry expert.

The NAI team was looking for a top manufacturing web design and digital marketing agency to invigorate its marketing strategy and website presence. When Idea began reviewing the NAI website it was driving virtually no online leads. NAI needed new forms and website content that would leverage their product quality, experience, and capabilities to generate higher lead conversion.

The Importance of SEO and Content Marketing in a Marketing Plan for Manufacturing

We also discussed the importance of SEO and content marketing strategies for manufacturing brands. SEO content can help your brand start ranking higher on the search engine results for your most valuable keywords. The lack of SEO optimization and monthly SEO content meant that NAI Group was missing out on a valuable opportunity to drive traffic to its website.

Our team of digital marketing strategy experts would need to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for the manufacturing leader, NAI Group.


Creating Better Website Pages and Improving Form Layouts to Increase Leads

First, our team needed to make sure that each of the website’s pages was relevant and provided valuable content to NAI’s target audience. We evaluated each page’s performance to better understand the user behavior and what drove action.

Our team edited and updated the forms to reduce friction, which would increase the number of form submissions. After major form updates, the website saw 507 new form submissions over a two-year period (between 2018 and 2019).

We would use an integrated web strategy to increase form submissions and improve SEO rankings.


Providing SEO Strategy As Part of the Marketing Plan for Manufacturing Leader

We began with analyzing their current manufacturing marketing strategy and evaluating individual page SEO performance. Our top marketing professionals researched the keywords to maximize SEO in their industry and improve search engine results ranking. Using these terms we inserted them across the website content and other key focus areas that search engines evaluate, like Headings and metatags.

Our next step for their manufacturing marketing strategy was to create original, engaging SEO content. Targeting specific industry trends and product highlights our team created original monthly SEO content that drew thousands of users to the NAI website. After implementing our SEO strategy the website earned first-page Google ranking authority for 26 keywords where none previously achieved that level.

Aside from attracting additional traffic, blog content allowed our client to educate their audience and showcase their unique products, capabilities, and quality. This new content can also be pushed or featured on additional platforms to engage with even more users and increase website referrals.

By covering these key areas of SEO we were able to build a better marketing plan for the manufacturing leader, NAI Group.

Driving Engagement with a Manufacturing SEO Strategy

Implementing the manufacturing SEO strategy NAI began to see a marked improvement in engagement and audience reach. In the following year, their top-performing blog drove 53,451 users to the website. The NAI website also saw the following increases (171%); new users (152%); website sessions (95%); and website pages viewed (42%) following our updates.

NAI Group was ecstatic with the results of the manufacturing SEO strategy we’d implemented and requested that we also include the additional website development project to generate maximum impact.

Website Support

Ongoing Website Improvements with Manufacturing Website Support

Our web development team analyzed the site and cleaned up the website process and functions to improve page speed and operations. The removal of outdated or simplification of overly complicated processes improves the website speeds, which improves ranking and user experience. We ensured the NAI Group website would rank high in the areas of search engine evaluation to improve overall ranking and give them an edge over competitors.

While working on our client’s website our team worked to simplify the process of making changes or edits to the website which put our client more firmly in control of their site.

When NAI Group needs additional website maintenance support or troubleshooting they always have direct access to our top customer support manager Haley Langer. If you don’t believe us just read her Google Reviews. Haley is happy to answer any questions or concerns that arise with website support. When she’s not addressing our client’s needs she works diligently to review the site, offer suggestions and create training resources to help our clients.

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