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MIRWEC Coating is a global leader in the manufacturing industry sector of innovative coating techniques that differentiate them from competitors.

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Industrial Web Design That Wasn’t Increasing Business Results

We started by analyzing the manufacturing web design issues affecting MIRWEC’s website and business performance. Our client felt their current site did not accurately reflect their level of quality and was outdated. MIRWEC was looking for an industrial web design team that could create a website with a modern feel, featuring key modern design factors like mobile responsiveness and content overlays to provide site depth.

Essentially, the goal of this manufacturing web design project was to create a website that functioned as MIRWEC’s online brochure. The new site needed to showcase all the available services and educate users on their potential applications. A comprehensive integrated web strategy would be necessary.

With the vast amount of information and site content, it would be all too easy to overload customers with irrelevant or unnecessary information. MIRWEC’s content needed to be efficiently organized by topic, making the site easily navigable for new visitors. Intuitive site organization was critical in helping users find the information without unnecessary distractions.

After identifying the manufacturing web design goals, our team would also review how we could improve the overall usability and health of the website backend. Our team of industrial web design experts would need to simplify website processes and remove any outdated functionality slowing the site down. Ensuring that the MIRWEC team could manage and control their new website was a priority!


Helping Improve the Manufacturing Website for Mirwec

We began this project by reorganizing the content found on MIRWEC’s previous site. Our manufacturing web design team recategorized the content and made sure to clarify the website topics displayed. We also revamped the customer journey to make it as direct and simple as possible. By leveraging key digital marketing tools our team gained a better understanding of MIRWEC customers’ behavior and using these key insights we created an industrial web design with a better user journey.

With the new site organization users are always within a few clicks of finding the information relevant to their search. Each navigation leads only to related information on the selected topic. Through this improvement in the organization of the navigation, we prevent the cognitive load from being too high on users. This in turn reduces the bounce, or exit rate, of site visitors which ultimately improves the website page ranking evaluation by search engines. The new site focuses on quick, easy navigation to the answers or information that users are looking for.

To further strengthen the user journey our team worked to integrate important CTAs and key forms that would generate inbound leads, something every industrial web design client wants.

As users navigate the site content they will notice the options to explore topics or products are either highlighted in the bright blue of the MIRWEC branding or use of blue text to create a clear visible link. At the bottom of each page, we pinned a contact form that encouraged users to reach out with questions or requests. The use of these CTA’s and contact forms encourages users to explore content MIRWEC wanted to highlight and drive user lead conversion. Each of the new website factors helps support the integrated web strategy in our custom manufacturing web design.


Leveraging Our Expert Manufacturer Marketing Services

To make sure that the new website would rank, we turned to our SEO experts for their manufacturer marketing services. As we added site content and built each page our digital marketing experts implemented an integrated web strategy. We researched the SEO key terms and phrases that were relevant to MIRWEC and worked to identify keyword opportunities that would be most valuable, and attainable, for our client. These would be the opportunities for Mirwec to show up on the top search engine results page.

Our team worked to integrate these SEO terms and phrases throughout the new manufacturing web design content. SEO for manufacturers is a key element that is often overlooked. But we understand that the repeated use of targeted phrases would increase MIRWEC’s search result ranking over time. As part of our integrated web strategy, each page would focus on its own specific keywords so multiple pages on the new MIRWEC website could begin to rank.

Another key element to improve SEO for manufacturers is to verify SEO terms are used in a technical manner wherever applicable. Throughout the website’s meta tags, titles, and alt tags we leveraged the keywords and phrases that we were targeting for our client.

Website Support

Ease of Management and Website Support for the New Manufacturing Web Design

Our manufacturing web design team worked to simplify the MIRWEC website backend management and removed site processes that were slowing down the site performance. With an updated backend the MIRWEC team could manage their website and make adjustments more easily. The website was also updated to a completely responsive manufacturing web design, displaying correctly for mobile, tablet, or desktop users.

Our integrated web strategy includes a focus on improving key factors like site functionality, speed, and responsiveness we were able to further improve the website page ranking. Improved page load speeds also would reduce user bounce rates and help build a better brand image in the minds of MIRWEC’s target audience. Now, their website funcitoned as the online brochure they envisioned.

When the project was completed our work didn’t stop there. We take the time to train our clients on obtaining the most value from their new site by educating them on how to use it to its full potential. Making sure our clients are confident in their ability to manage their new custom WordPress website is crucial to long-term success. By empowering the MIRWEC team to manage their website backend they can control site content and make changes as needed without being reliant on third-party support that is both costly and time-consuming.

When clients need additional website maintenance support or troubleshooting they always have direct access to our incredible customer support manager Haley Langer. Seriously, just read her Google Reviews. Haley is happy to answer any questions or concerns that arise with website support. When she’s not addressing our client’s needs she works diligently to review the site, offer suggestions and create training resources to help our clients utilize their best business asset, their custom manufacturing web design.

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