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Gilero began as an engineering design firm with a focus on single-use medical device products. By 2013, Gilero added a manufacturing capability to meet their increased demand.

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Healthcare Manufacturing Web Design To Utilize UI/UX and SEO Best Practices

At the beginning of every new project, our team of top web developers and experienced marketers sit down with our clients to discuss the full scope of the project at hand. This includes the goals, pain points, and project objectives, but also allows us to fully understand our client and their business.

With a better understanding of our client’s business and long-term strategy, we can offer solutions that are more meaningful and that will integrate into future plans and projects by the client. Our team builds a strong foundation for the client’s future business strategies.

We started by analyzing Gilero’s website’s current issues and the correlation to its business performance. Our client reported that their current site did not accurately represent their manufacturing capabilities and the Medtech innovative products they provided to their clients. For the redesign, they were looking for a site that looked and felt more modern and would provide them with more qualified organic leads.

Essentially, the goal of this redesign was to create a manufacturing website that represented Gilero as the industry leader they are. Their new site needed to showcase all the available capabilities they offered, improve their user’s journey, and optimize their content for SEO best practices. With the vast amount of information and site content, it would be all too easy to overload customers with irrelevant or unnecessary information. It was essential to Gilero that users could access examples of their work, and express what sets them apart from their competitors.


A Custom Website to Address UI/UX Issues and Highlight Specialties

Your website is your customer’s first experience with your business, it’s a great place to answer their questions, showcase call to action, and guide them to a conversion. Gilero’s UI & UX did not reflect them as the trusted Medtech partner they are.

To optimize their website the UI/UX would need a complete overhaul to meet best practices and improve the overall user experience. The changes would need to address the user journey issues, an overly complicated user journey was preventing conversions and increasing bounce. Our new custom WordPress website would need a clean, clear user flow.

Custom elements that were not present on the new website would also need to be built by our expert Chicago web design team. These unique elements would help our client achieve the goal of standing out from its competitors.

Custom Web Design

Custom Manufacturing Web Design Tailored Toward Business Goals

Our manufacturing web design experts began analyzing Gilero’s current website to determine what users were experiencing. From this Idea defined a process and developed a workflow through wireframes. After this, we built a structure and designed a layout for a functional prototype. Idea then conducted A/B & application testing to determine which layout was the most optimized for their customers. This optimized wireframe is what you see today in manufacturing web design.

We revamped Gilero’s customer journey to make it as direct and simple as possible. With the new site organization users are always within a few clicks of finding the information relevant to their search. Through this improvement in organization, we prevent the cognitive load from being too high on Gilero’s users. This in turn reduces the bounce, or exit rate, of site visitors which ultimately improves the website page ranking evaluation by search engines.

Idea is able to perform these UX & UI changes by continually leveraging key website marketing tools. We monitor our changes with heat mapping software to verify that our efforts are producing the intended results, and improving the user flow and experience.

One of the other main points the Gilero team discussed was the desire to stand out from their various competitors by creating a website with unique elements that helped establish themselves as an industry leader.

One of the key special features of this custom manufacturing web design was the interactive body graph, which is a unique design for Gilero. The DaVinci style man featured interactive elements that users could click on to learn more about Gilero’s capabilities and services. The interactive feature was unique to Gilero and would drive user engagement. This feature helps accomplish the goal of distinguishing them from their current competition.


Leveraging SEO to Improve the Custom WordPress Website

We then began with analyzing Gilero’s current marketing strategies and evaluating its page performance. Our top marketing professionals researched the keywords to maximize SEO in their manufacturing industry and improve search engine results ranking. We inserted these researched terms across the website content and other key focus areas that search engines evaluate, like Headings and Metatags.

When Gilero came to Idea they wanted a custom manufacturing website that showcased their confidence in providing prospective customers with the innovative manufacturing capabilities they have to offer. Part of Idea’s SEO optimization strategy is creating interactive touch points and effective CTAs. The use of these CTA’s and contact forms encourages users to explore content Gilero wanted to highlight and drive user lead conversion. This help creates more qualified leads and takes the load off of the Gilero Sales team. The optimized content on Gilero’s custom manufacturing website build shortens Gileros’ sales cycle by providing more information in a streamlined and organized way.

The Gilero team sought a custom WordPress website with a backend that was simplified so any edits to their site could be made faster and easier. Our backend development team worked to simplify the site’s backend control. With an updated backend Gilero would be able to manage its custom manufacturing website and make adjustments as needed.

Website Support

Providing Manufacturing Website Support

Our team of experts was able to create a website that functioned as the optimized custom manufacturing website Gilero wanted. With a cutting-edge modern feel that reflected the quality and innovation of their manufacturing capabilities. Now Gilero’s custom manufacturing website showcases the expertise, process, and capabilities they have.

The new site created an optimal direct user journey that was simple to navigate. Site visitors could now easily find the information they were interested in such as the special featured interactive body graph, Gileros capabilities, and their experience. Traffic would also receive a boost as the new site was built to be SEO optimized. With the new website design, more potential leads would be generated due to the expansion and efficiency of the Gilero website.

As part of this custom manufacturing web design project, we worked with the Gilero team to educate them on using the website now that the pages are optimized for easy updates and edits. With the self-service functionality, Gilero will be more firmly in control of its website and when they need assistance or experience issues it now has a team of experts it can rely on for ongoing manufacturing website support and maintenance.

Idea Marketing Group has been designing custom manufacturing websites for over a decade. Some of the websites we’ve gotten our hands on reach millions of users every month. Our proven process for custom manufacturing websites looks into every detail of a build while also keeping in mind how the site will continue to evolve. Our custom web design is always created specifically for your business and is built to rank higher and generate more leads. Our web designers, developers, and content writers turn websites into strategic, customer experiences.

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