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EOI Service Company is an organization specialized in benefits communication and enrollment, boasting 45 years of expertise in designing, communicating, and enrolling core and voluntary benefits, as well as other value-added services.

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Bringing EOI’s Innovative Benefit Concepts & Processes to the Forefront of Their Website

The EOI Service Company team came to Idea needing a custom web design that reflected their expertise in benefits communication and enrollment. In the end, EOI required a custom website that would prioritize its benefit concepts and processes, providing users with an optimized experience that highlights the advantages of partnering with EOI for their benefit needs.

As with all Idea Marketing Group clients, we created a comprehensive integrated web strategy based on in-depth client research, competitor insights, and industry trends. For EOI Service Company, we developed an integrated web strategy that addressed their specific pain points and aligned with their business goals. We knew that our expert custom web design team would deliver the results EOI Service Company desperately needed.


Custom Web Design to Accurately Showcase The EOI Mission

As we discussed the project plan with EOI Service Company we came to the agreement that a full custom web design was needed to generate the solutions they were looking for. The main objective of this custom- website design was to alleviate existing pain points while pursuing new opportunities, we were confident that our team of Chicago web designers could create a tailored custom WordPress website that delivered on both fronts for EOI.

Our custom web design proposal would address each of the unique issues affecting EOI. This included critical website features (search and filter), an SEO strategy, an improved UI/UX, and custom website functionality. When all was said and done this would give EOI Service Company a custom website that accurately reflected their main mission.

Custom Web Design

Successfully Integrated Web Strategy To Provide Digital Growth

By investing in an optimized and custom website design, EOI is now able to better support its clients’ benefits, goals, and marketing strategies. The enhanced level of education that the website provides has led to a significant improvement in EOI’s customer’s overall awareness of the benefits program they offer.

Idea Marketing Group’s custom web design team began designing a completely custom WordPress website. The main pain points EOI Service Company wanted to resolve are as follows.

The organization’s website lacked descriptive content highlighting its offerings, and its brand message and mission were not prominently featured. After our custom web design, their online presence accurately represents the organization’s superior benefit education and communications services.

In addition, the pre-existing website was unresponsive and not tailored to provide optimal user experience, leading to a puzzled customer with a muddled journey. Now the visual display is clean, organized, optimized, and aligns with the brand identity.

Lastly, the internal pages of the organization’s pre-existing website contained a substantial amount of content. However, from a user experience standpoint, an overload of information is not ideal. Currently, the information is presented to effectively communicate the brand’s message and mission in a clear and transparent manner.

Our Chicago web design team successfully resolved the issues with EOI’s Service Company website and turned them into significant accomplishments, contributing to the company’s growth.


Creating an Optimized SEO Strategy for an Insurance Benefit Education Company

When EOI Service Company approached us seeking a better SEO marketing plan, they already had a website with a large amount of content. However, as we assessed their needs, we realized that the excessive amount of information was causing more harm than good. To optimize their website for a better user experience and enhance their organic SEO, we brought in our team of certified digital marketing and SEO experts.

We worked closely with EOI Service Company to rebuild their content marketing strategy. Our Chicago marketing agency began by conducting a thorough analysis to identify the most critical keywords and content pieces that aligned with EOI’s unique identity and goals.

After our SEO research, we then streamlined and optimized the content to ensure that it showcased EOI Service Company’s unique value proposition to their target audience. By prioritizing the most valuable keywords and content pieces, we were able to improve their search engine ranking.

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The Idea Process

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