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Bridgford Foods is known for pioneering within the food and beverage industry through its wide variety of consumer products.

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align Their Website And Messaging To Strategically Reach The Modern-Day Consumer

Technology, markets, and business is constantly evolving. In order to maintain a healthy competitive advantage, all aspects of a business must be routinely strategized in order to produce effective results. A company’s website can often be the first place potential customers meet their brand, or gain the necessary knowledge to take action towards a purpose. As such a pivotal bridge to a target market, updating and redesigning your website is imperative for a company’s success.

Bridgford’s goal was to remain adaptive to the changing times with their website and therefore remain abreast with a larger variety of potential consumers. Reaching more people increases the pool of potential buyers and stimulates brand awareness to new clients while retargeting previous visitors. Bridgford wanted to make sure their site was reaching as much traffic as possible and that, once there, they could easily find what they were looking for.

With the double-edged sword of expanding its reach and becoming fully optimized for online use, Bridgford wanted to make products and information easier to access. By doing so, they can meet more consumers at various stages of purchase intent. By easily providing an easy solution to a range of problems, Bridgford can begin to develop a positive association between brand and buyer.

While the site itself was a primary objective, Bridgford had an objective for utilizing the copy within. In order to overcome a limiting brand perception, Bridgford wanted to properly communicate their brand message to reinforce that their company offers more than just jerky and to specifically target the people who buy its products: modern outdoorsmen.


Attract Target Audiences By Improved CPG Branding Through A Custom Website

The custom food and beverage web design makes Bridgford products as available as possible. The average user journey is incredibly varied and often never the same way twice. Therefore, driving traffic to the redesigned website was not just enough. Bridgford needed to have all their bases covered and meet consumers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. This is why Bridgford offers the option to buy products directly from their site with the “Shop Now” page, locate where they can buy products near them, as well as more information for people not ready to take either step.

Bridgford’s website design allowed them to successfully offer multiple solutions to counter complex purchase paths. Site visitors can: purchase the product directly from their site, locate the nearest store to their custom location if they wish to purchase in person, or garner information regarding all things Bridgford. With four distinct dropdowns, traffic is easily corralled and gently guided in the direction most likely to result in a conversion.

Using Distinct CTA’s To Drive Action and Increase Conversions

Consumers visiting the “Shop Now” page have a much higher intent to make a purchase. They are currently at the decision stage of a buyer’s journey and are ready to act. This makes it critical to organize product information clearly to prevent a seamless buying experience. It avoids mental obstruction and frustration that could result in visitors leaving the site. Idea wanted to make sure Bridgford capitalized on traffic coming to this page by upgrading their product page designs with clear product imagery, and having both products and ordering available in the same place.

Organized navigation was also implemented in order to help users easily find what product they were looking for. Upon clicking the “Shop Now” page, products are categorized into 6 clear sections: pepperoni, beef jerky, summer sausage, salami, meat snacks, and fundraising. Within each main category are related products based on which form the user wants. You can click on each product to view specific details and information, as well as have related products listed below. If interested, visitors can simply add the item to their cart and continue their buying experience until ready to checkout.

To reach today’s average consumer, you have to be aware of current purchasing trends. Besides the fact everyone has a phone now, with a target market of avid outdoorsmen, Bridgford’s average consumer is purchasing their products on the go. With information being more easily accessible from cellular devices and people spending an increased amount of time on them, it was imperative for Bridgford’s site to be 100% mobile-friendly and optimized. This means that their custom web design included back-end optimization for various size devices as well as a strategic mobile layout. By improving mobile design and speed, Bridgford can take advantage of mobile traffic users looking to make a purchase.

The modern website redesign presents a clear look, and a cohesive branding message focused on directly talking to their highest consumer demographic: males who like the outdoors. Product pages feature copy distinctly marketing their meat products as 100% American beef and Bridgford as a company that is fully American-based. By taking a more uniform stance on all pages helps to better resonate with their target customer demographic and show how much Bridgford has to offer.

While even the most rustic of men stick with tradition, more and more are intrigued by social media featuring their favorite outdoor hobbies and activities. To capture their target market’s attention, the Bridgford Outdoors page highlights their angler team to drive a deeper connection between consumer and company. This is linked to their Instagram and Facebook platforms that feature product and outdoor content, further solidifying their brand story. Linking to these platforms can help increase traffic to their posts and allows Bridgford to successfully reach a younger generation of targeted consumers, helping to establish brand loyalty earlier.

With an updated website featuring a custom redesign, access to online ordering and product information, mobile-optimization, and branding for their target market, Idea was excited to produce a site with many future benefits. Bridgford is now prepared for the future, and better than ever!

Custom Website Functionality

Using a Custom WordPress Website To Accomplish Custom Website  Functionality

The “Where To Buy” page was specifically designed by Idea for Bridgford to help users with the question, “Where can I find Bridgford products near me?”

With a typical location page, many websites list every possible location or show markers spread out across a wide map. While this is helpful, a buyer on the verge of purchasing a product doesn’t need to know all of Bridgford’s locations – in fact, that long list will slow down their search and decrease their user journey.

Consumers want solutions fast, instantly if possible; they only need to know the location that works best for them. Having a custom map with up to three filter options allows a speedy and efficient answer that delivers Bridgford location options that are directly related to the prospective client’s needs.

Website Support

Supporting Bridgford’s New Custom WordPress website In More Ways Than One

While the design may take the forefront, development had a huge hand in this custom food and beverage website redesign. By simplifying the backend, our expert development team increased load speed, and accelerated overall site performance, while also utilizing the design to be fully optimized on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. This ensures that no matter how traffic is getting to Bridgford’s site, their user experience won’t be impacted by slow speeds and display errors.

Once on-site, users can easily navigate through clear SEO copy and attention-grabbing call-to-actions. Better user experience, website functionality, and optimized SEO all mesh together to help drive SERP rankings up.

The success story doesn’t stop there. While website design and marketing come naturally to everyone at Idea, we recognize that our clients will need assistance after a site is successfully launched as well. While our website can be customized, we also offer website troubleshooting, training, and tips through a personalized support team. Our lead support manager Haley is an open book of knowledge that you can rely on to make sure your company can internally utilize your website redesign to its full capacity.

Bridgford Website Design Case Study 01

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