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Asbestos Project Management provides asbestos testing, inspection, and abatement services to the greater Chicago area.

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A Need for An Updated Online Presence

Asbestos Project Management came to the leading Chicago web design team because they understood that a modern online presence can be the difference between being chosen for their residential and commercial services and being passed over. The current APM website was lacking key features and functionality to position them as the leaders in asbestos services.

In the asbestos testing and removal industry, Asbestos Project Management needed to give homeowners and business owners a way to quickly and easily contact them for emergency services. They also needed to be sure that their website highlighted their “Free Estimate” service, which would encourage more clients to contact them.

The overall website was also outdated and needed a more modern look that would build better trust in their target audience. Aside from the UI/UX issues, the website needed faster page load speeds and better user navigation flows.

In addition, Asbestos Project Management was not ranking highly for a number of keywords and lacked a general SEO strategy for their website. To position themselves as the leading Chicago asbestos removal service, they needed to improve their SEO strategy and climb up the search rankings results.


A New Custom WordPress Website to Solve APM’s Issues

To meet the full list of our client needs we proposed a custom web design, built as a new custom WordPress website. The new website would address the issues that had been plaguing their previous website.

By building a new website we could create better user flows and improve the user experience while giving our client greater control over their new website. The leads would be much more accessible and allow Asbestos Project Management to close more deals.

With the new build, our team would also tackle the technical and non-technical aspects of the website SEO. These changes would improve the Asbestos Project Management website ranking over time allowing them to reach a larger target audience.

Custom Web Design

Building a Custom Web Design Solution for APM

Our team created a custom WordPress website that was much easier for our client to manage and had better page load speeds. This helped reduce bounce rates and increased conversion among their target audience.

The custom web design team also created a better user experience on the new Asbestos Project Management website by organizing the website, creating improved user flows, and including the CTA forms. Now users on the website can quickly find the information they are looking for our reach out to Asbestos Project Management for more information. The new custom web design highlighted the emergency support option so that clients could reach Asbestos Project Management whenever they needed it.

We also built a “Free Estimate” tool on their website that immediately begins the restoration process when the customer needs help. This tool would help motivate more users to choose Asbestos Project Management services.

The client loved the new clean and professional custom website and the fact that it would be easy to update over time.


Using an Integrated Web Strategy That Targeted SEO

In addition to the custom web design, our team also worked to improve the SEO of the APM website. We started by researching the keywords and phrases that were relevant to their industry. Using professional SEO tools we identified several keywords that would be valuable to the client. By trying keyword variation we also uncovered several golden SEO opportunities.

Once a list of keywords had been created we implemented these terms across website content and page headers. By including these keywords in the content it will get recognized by the search engine crawlers and identified as valuable content. Over time this improves the ranking for these phrases. Different pages focused on different keywords to ensure that APM would have several opportunities for higher rankings in the search results.

We also handled the technical SEO for the client, ensuring that keywords were used correctly in the website backend. This included meta titles and descriptions, alt tags, and permalinks. With these technical aspects done correctly, it would help further build their SEO strength and support their integrated web strategy.

Using Content Marketing To Build Their SEO Strategy Further

After improving the general website’s SEO, we also implemented a monthly content marketing strategy for our client. A content marketing strategy involves creating SEO-focused content to help build ranking around specific keywords.

This type of content included specific location pages to drive traffic in business areas, case studies to showcase APM capabilities and build trust, and SEO blog content.

The location pages served to drive more traffic in the local areas for APM. Users in these areas would be more likely to reach the location pages we built and then choose APM as their asbestos service provider.

The case studies helped potential customers understand how APM handles their projects and showed them what to expect. Throughout the content, we focused on specific keywords to help drive up the ranking.

SEO blog content is also very important to our SEO strategy. We use these blogs to build content around a few keywords and phrases. This content will link to each other, and other important pages to help drive action, while also building authority on the subject.

Our blog content would target phrases like “Asbestos Flooring”, or “Chicago Abatement Services” to bring in more search traffic. These blogs generate traffic and also build trust among the target audience. Over time they result in our client ranking high for numerous important keywords. This is why our SEO strategy is so important to a successful integrated web strategy!

Analytics Analysis

Providing Website Analytics Analysis for Our Client

Each month our team of digital marketing experts shares an in-depth report on the Asbestos Project Management’s website performance. In this report, we share valuable insights that help APM better understand their business pulse.

These insights can help APM identify new business opportunities or potential threats that could affect performance. Our marketing team breaks this information down into easily understandable takeaways that our client can use to determine action.

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