This may be the most commonly asked website design question. How long is this process going to take? Unfortunately, every website isn’t designed to function the same way–nor should it be. To get a perspective of your website’s time frame, consider the business need differences presented in these five website designs.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

5 Types of Website Builds

An online brochure: A 5-10 page website built using a pre-existing template and intended to communicate very basic information.

A lead generation tool: A custom-built 15-20 page website that attracts a specific audience of potential customers based on their needs and strong content crafted for SEO (search engine optimization).

An e-commerce site: A 25-40 page website designed to sell physical products online nationwide.

A feature-rich website to support operations: A custom-built 30-45 page website that includes features that automate internal processes like dedicated contact forms for various sections, quote request builders or interactive maps, and location tools for the company.

An online catalog: A 75-100 page website that allows customers to request a quote for products or services.

At the end of the day, any website is a destination. By promoting it, you’re inviting people to discover your value proposition and your differentiators, as well as your products and services.

PRO TIP: Don’t send everyone to your home page. The more intentionally you promote reasons to visit each section of your website, the better you’ll be able to analyze your messaging effectiveness and audience interest later. Highlight specific features of your new website or drive visitors directly to your photo gallery. Show off the great work you’ve done by sharing a link to your portfolio or use the opportunity to better introduce your team.

Ex: Have you ever wanted to put a face with our names? Here’s your chance to learn about each of our employees’ backgrounds and what makes each of us unique by visiting our “Meet the Team” section.