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How to Build a Landing Page That Works

When it comes to landing page design, many of the same rules that go for designing your website apply. The difference is, with a landing page, it is often the first impression of your business that a customer may have. It’s the front door to your website, and sometimes your entire internet presence.

With a landing page, you have even less virtual real estate to make an impression. Your landing page needs to look immaculate to bring customers your way. The real question, is how do you build a landing page that will generate a loyal audience or leads?

A Simple, Easy Design

The call to action on a landing page needs to be clear. This may mean a link to your website or a well-placed form. Whatever the case may be, people need to know what you want them to do. Also, consider how you layout your text. Short columns are better than wide columns, because people get bogged down while reading.

Something Visual

A page of nothing but text will turn your landing page viewers off. One picture or video to attract viewers in the center of your page is enough to draw people in and engage them. From there, they should find your manageable text, and your call to action.

Spelling and Grammar Count

Spelling and grammar are crucial any time you publish something for people to see. On a landing page, your opportunity to capture their interest is quick, and your customer’s attention is fleeting. If the first thing they notice is that you misspelled a word, or used the wrong “They’re,” your potential customer will probably be gone.

Link Effectively

It’s also important that people be able to find the link that they want quickly. A good way to do this is to give them descriptive names. If your link descriptions also have keywords, this can help your SEO. Links in the main text tend to become lost in the shuffle. It’s a good idea to have the links well organized up top or on the side of the page.

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