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Creating the perfect ambiance for each unique event is essential for successful event venues. Being able to showcase that talent is vital for capturing clients for future and recurring events. Idea Marketing Group combines creative talent with expertise in event marketing to deliver optimized event venue web design that captures the one of a kind atmosphere created at your venue.

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Multiple Restaurant Website Projects

Attract the right clients with SEO

We make sure you get discovered, whether your clients are researching or ready to buy. We integrate several marketing channels throughout the year, as well as ongoing website SEO, and online advertising to reach the largest target audience possible.

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Our job is to make your job easier

The Idea Marketing Group team is comprised of senior-level designers, developers, and marketers, each committed to helping clients succeed. Our project management process is designed to prioritize ongoing communication and transparency.

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Integrate booking systems

Your next client may come from a variety of places online. Once they reach your custom website, they should be able to speak to an event planner and request a booking. So, we work with venues to integrate third-party reservation systems that make the process seamless.

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Grab attention with a visual gallery

We build websites that are intended to be as visually stunning as the venues they feature. We believe a picture’s worth a thousand words–and a gallery of images may be the difference between a potential client choosing your venue or leaving your site.

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Show a floor plan in advance

Clients seeking out event venues want information regarding space layout, size, and capacity before they feel comfortable requesting a booking. We help those clients imagine themselves inside your venue by providing detailed floor plans and dimensions.

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Highlight exclusive menu packages

Each event hosted at your venue should be special for everyone involved. By offering pre-selected, exclusive menus, clients can ensure their guests will enjoy the experience. With a custom venue website, you can showcase your most popular dishes and packages.

We help event venues book more often and reach bigger audiences.

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