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Unlike most marketing agencies, Idea Marketing Group has decades of senior-level experience working with non-profit organizations, associations, community groups, and member boards. That experience matters when you're looking for a web design and marketing partner who understands your unique challenges and opportunities.

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Streamline online donations

When people are inspired to support your organization’s mission, we want their user-experience to be as seamless as possible. We make sure each page includes compelling calls to action and easy-to-navigate access to donation pages. Build support for short-term or long-term needs across your entire site.

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Retain control of your site updates

We build it. You own it. Our goal is to build you a website you can access and control anytime you want. For companies with staff in place, we also provide WordPress training, so you are empowered to make updates on your terms.

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Offer volunteer + event registration

If you organize or host events and activities throughout the year, attendees and volunteers should be able to register online. We simplify the user experience so that the process is as easy as possible. Gather the information you need and give people an opportunity to support your organization.

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Searchable resource libraries

Many nonprofit organizations develop and manage a large library of important resources. We can make that information sortable, discoverable, and searchable on your website. Using an intuitive search function, your website can guide visitors to the content they need, making it more likely that they’ll return.

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Highlight tiered sponsorships

Member boards and community non-profit organizations wouldn’t be possible without members and supporters. We’ve made it easy to add and update sponsors at any point during the year. We also include the ability to list a variety of tiered sponsorship levels, allowing you to emphasize your largest contributors.

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Advanced directories + profiles

A directory of members and chapters within your organization can be one of the most helpful resources on your website. We provide the ability for visitors to search by a number of criteria as well as the opportunity for you to regularly update each directory throughout the year.

We help associations connect with and gain members more effectively.

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