Len Bradley

Len has been building and maintaining websites since 2003 when a gaming community he was part of was in need of a home on the web. He began his journey of learning the ins-and-outs of web development and soon after had built his first website. Since then his interest in web development grew and he pursued a path in design and development by continuously learning and starting up small projects of his own.

In 2006 Len took his first professional position working with a startup company. He joined a team of several developers and took on the role of creating front end user interfaces. He now specializes is creating highly efficient and clean HTML/CSS based web sites that are both visually appealing and intuitively functional, but also has experience with interface design, PHP programming, and database management as well.

  • science
  • sushi
  • sublime text
  • rainy days
  • bad drivers
  • bleu cheese
  • waking up early
  • over cooked steak

Len Bradley

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