Dan Steinmiller

Dan is a graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy and began his career in web development after working in the video game industry for several years. He decided on this new path after collaborating with a local client, on their website, became an internally gratifying experience. Leveraging his familiarity with user experience, from working on video games, and passion for design he has since dedicated himself to the craft. Currently, he continues to soak up knowledge on the various web languages to provide clients with the most up to date and user friendly products.

When Dan isn’t working on web related projects he likes to indulge in hobbies that enhance mind and body. This includes any combination of exercise, cooking, video game development, building furniture, archery, and learning music composition.

  • Video Games
  • Exercise
  • Cooking
  • Kung Fu Movies
  • Decaf
  • Bugs
  • Humidity
  • Biting Popsicles

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