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Target the users who already expressed interest in your business with advertising that follows them.

Ad Retargeting campaigns are quickly becoming one of the most common avenues for digital advertising. It’s the newest tool in the arsenal of PPC and paid ads available for brands in the digital space. The ads will reach online users who have expressed interest in your brand by visiting your website, social media, or viewing your current ads. 

A tracking pixel is used to follow visitors and display your ads on other websites and platforms in a wide variety of ad sizes and styles. Since the user has already shown interest in your product, these ads will increase the likelihood of your targeted audience taking action. There are a variety of campaign types you can use for your ad. You can target lookalike audiences, the audiences who act like your current audience, or demographic characteristics, audiences who have similar characteristics to your current customers, to widen your audience of likely prospects. 

Our team of digital marketing experts will work with your business to gain an in-depth understanding of your target audience. We’ll then design and execute the retargeting campaign, driving conversions and targeting the right audience. We’ll share weekly reports, and monitor the campaign budget to ensure your retargeting is effective.

  • Research
  • A/B Testing
  • Analysis
  • Manage & Optimize

Leverage AdRoll ad retargeting software to target interested users and increase conversions. We offer monthly plans to fit your budget.

We have experience and proven data on best practices regarding ad copy, headlines, and keyword research. For every ad, we write the headline and ad copy, create ad groups, choose the best keywords, and target audiences. Your dedicated ad specialist will be continuously optimizing your campaign as time progresses. To get started, we meet with your team to get a few key details and we take care of the rest.

Within each plan, we will provide the following:

  • Research effective key phrases and competitor analysis
  • Write compelling ad content with A/B testing options
  • Continuous campaign monitoring and analysis
  • Establish conversion tracking goals and pixels, optimize for conversions
  • Target ads to consumer demographics similar to current interested demographic
  • Direct ad traffic to targeted pages on website
  • Monthly reports
  • Dedicated Ad Specialist from Idea

Start targeting the audiences that are most interested in your business.

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