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Creating a website for a trusted partner of Medtech Innovation, Gilero, who meets the needs of medical device and pharmaceutical clients globally.

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The Gilero Project

Our client Gilero came to us seeking a new website that felt modern and cutting edge, like the Medtech innovational products they provided to their clients. A more modern, sleek design would help convey to visitors that they were leaders in their industry. Our client also wanted to utilize UI/UX best practices for their new design to improve their user journey. Optimizing their SEO was also crucial to the success of this project because it increased visibility and reached a larger audience. In addition, the Gilero team sought a website backend that was simplified so any edits to their site could be made faster and easier. Our build gave their team more control over their website. A special feature of this project was the interactive body graph, which is a unique design for Gilero. Something that distinguishes them from their current competition.

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Gilero Company Background

Gilero was founded in 2002 by three engineers who it is named after. It’s a combination of the last syllables of the founder’s last names – koroGI, mosLER, and dimeO. Gilero began as an engineering design firm with a focus on single-use medical device products. By 2013, Gilero decided that it was time to add a manufacturing capability. The company built injection molding and manufacturing alliances in 2014, elevating Gilero as a trusted partner for medical and drug delivery devices from start to finish. Since then, Gilero has grown into a one-stop shop for the design, development, and contract manufacturing of everything from consumable medical devices to complex electromechanical drug delivery systems. The company continues to grow its manufacturing capabilities and office locations and its new website will help them realize its expansion plans.

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