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NAI Group is an international manufacturer of custom wiring harnesses and assemblies for the medical technology, industrial technology and telecom industries. Beginning in 2016, our team developed and executed a marketing strategy featuring professionally written blog articles and engaging social media posts to improve search engine rankings, increase website traffic and generate significantly more new leads over a four-year period.

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How We Generated New Leads and Improved Search Engine Rankings with Strategic Blog and Social Media Content

NAI Group was searching for ways to attract new customers online by jumpstarting their digital marketing initiatives. They also wanted better results, more responsiveness and increased transparency from their marketing agency. NAI needed an expert partner able to drive more traffic to their website with improved Search Engine Optimization and keyword placement.

NAI approached Idea with virtually no online leads. Over a two-year period (during  2018 and 2019), the website saw 507 new form submissions. During the same period, the website earned first page Google ranking authority for 26 keywords where none previously achieved that level.

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A Multi-channel Marketing Strategy Drives Increased Website Traffic to Targeted Calls-to-Action

As with all Idea Marketing Group clients, we developed a comprehensive strategy based on deep client research, competitor insights, and industry analysis.

We knew the right combination of content development, website SEO improvements, and a social media strategy could produce better digital marketing results. From 2016-2019, the NAI website received 10,391 new blog views and increases in website users (271%); new users (252%); website sessions (195%); and website pages viewed (142%).

Our strategy was based on 10 years of experience in the industrial manufacturing B2B space. Our research was conducted in collaboration with the client to fully understand their place in the market to set goals for our efforts.

Increase in Website Users
Increase in New Website Users
Increase in Website Sessions
Increase in Website Pages Viewed
New Website Blog Views
New Form Submissions
Keywords Ranked on Google's First Page

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