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Moving Station has been helping seniors, individuals, and families relocate with ease since 1955. Selling a home, downsizing, or transitioning into a senior community can be overwhelming, and their mission is to make the process simpler and easier. Their unique approach facilitates growth and includes a variety of programs, offerings, and services. They even assign a personal relocation manager to you that will offer practical advice and provide ongoing support to help with downsizing, organizing, and getting moving. At Idea Marketing Group, we wanted to help Moving Station in their mission to reach out to families and seniors who need their relocation services most. So, we designed a brand new website built on WordPress, featuring SEO-capabilities that will allow them to be found on search and mobile devices. Since Moving Station’s main goal is to makes things simpler, their new website should reflect that too, right? That’s why we also made it easy for people to track down the information they’re looking for, with a clean layout and easily navigable links.

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Idea Marketing was a great find for us. They were part of an RFP process for a redesigned website in 2014 and we were impressed with the team's knowledge, the questions they asked and their follow through. Since then, we have been very happy with the design they created and their continued responsiveness to any questions we have. They took complicated content and created an attractive solution that looks professional and functions very well for our audiences.

Cathy Szmurlo, Manager, Communications
Healthcare Website Project - American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, Inc. - Deerfield, IL
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