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MGC is an industry leader of ground covers, potted plants, perennials, and more since 1969.

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A website that wasn’t blooming like it could

Idea Marketing Group began working with Midwest Groundcovers in 2020 when they came to us seeking the best in custom web design and website marketing. They needed an overhaul of their site processes to address current technical issues and an improved User Interface (UI) with a simplified user journey. These issues were costing the site user traffic and ultimately conversion. Our team built a custom website with unique processes that addressed the issues the site was experiencing and would help prevent future issues. We implemented requested features for a wide variety of site functions, and created custom processes to address additional pain points our team knew needed solutions to create an industry leading website. Our new custom site would function correctly and responsively, and lead to higher sales conversions across their sites.

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A proven provider and expert of high quality plants and foliage

Midwest Groundcovers is an industry leader of just that, premium groundcovers. The company began 50 years ago in 1969 with a small 5 acre plot just north of St. Charles. Today they operate 700 acres of facilities that grow and propagate hundreds of plant varieties to meet their customer needs. They offer a wide variety of native plants, container plants, and perennials from their state of the art nursery facilities in various locations across the Midwest. They provide each of their customers with quality products which result in long lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Through their efforts, Midwest Groundcovers is recognized as an industry leader throughout their region.

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