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A new website to spread holiday cheer through a specialty variety plant, Merry Christmas Holly, from industry leader Midwest Groundcovers.

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Merry Christmas Holly is a specialty holiday plant offered by the shrub and groundcover leader Midwest Groundcovers. As part of their website redesign initiative, MGC came to Idea for a revamp of all 6 business brands, including Merry Christmas Holly (MCH). The previous MCH site needed a facelift and contained several issues with hosting third-party features like Pinterest Gallery which caused errors across the site. The site also lacked a user first mindset as information was spread across the site in a non-concise manner that could frustrate potential customers. Our team updated the site to reflect modern web design with features like reveal effects and supportive content that worked harmoniously to create a visually spectacular site. We condensed and organized the site content so that users would be able to quickly and easily locate information and prevent unnecessary navigations that often lead to user frustration and bounce (exit) rates. Elimination of dysfunctional third-party features fixed the site’s previous operational issues. The resulting website redesign is inviting and modern, easy to navigate, functions properly and encourages customers to bring home holiday cheer in the form of the Merry Christmas Holly plants.

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The specialty variety of Holly known as Merry Christmas Holly is a unique plant developed and produced by Midwest Groundcovers. This holiday classic has been reimagined with two new varieties of the original Christmas Holly, the Merry Christmas Holly, a true miniature of the standard variety, and the Mini Merry Christmas Holly, an even smaller version of the Holly plant that can fit in a 6 cm pot! The Merry Christmas Holly even grows berries naturally and can be maintained the entire season, a perfect gift for the holidays. Midwest Groundcovers offer their Merry Christmas Holly varieties through various retail stores that can be easily located using the store locator feature Idea built on their custom website. Midwest Groundcovers has been an industry leader for decades and provides business and retail chains with the highest quality plant products available.

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