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LMI Chicago helps leaders and organizations worldwide make the changes necessary to be competitive in a challenging global economy.

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Custom Built WordPress Website

LMI Chicago contacted Idea Marketing Group to create a custom-designed website with a Content Management System(CMS) to allow for simple and prompt updates. The user-friendly and clean website makes it easy for potential clients and the organization to navigate the website. Potential clients can learn about the core values of the organization, view their locations, history, programs and so much more. While potential clients are viewing the website, the LMI Chicago team can easily make updates, add and remove program schedules and publish new blog posts to the site. The content contains valuable information and keywords for SEO purposes, so it will rank well in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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Setting Up for Success

Their programs teach valuable time-management skills as well as other methods for the handling of projects and prioritization of tasks. LMI can help organizations produce the results they want and require for the company. From multi-sensory learning to manageable time commitment, and measurable results, the LMI team knows what organizations need to be successful.

We help organizations reach bigger audiences more effectively.

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