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The Concrete Contractors of Greater Chicago (CCAGC) is an association of contractors and concrete material suppliers that collectively guide the future of the concrete industry in the Greater Chicago area.

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Custom Built WordPress Website

Idea Marketing Group built a new custom website for CCAGC, to create synergies in the local concrete industry by highlighting training events, development programs, social events and explaining the organization’s role as the collective bargaining agent for two labor unions. Their modern and mobile-responsive WordPress website allows the organization to update its public-facing database of members, events, and more. The custom website is optimized for search engines, complete with keywords and phrases that will help the site be found.

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Major Producers in the Construction Industry

The organization was founded by dedicated contractors who wanted to gain the appropriate professional identity in the construction industry and raise their performance on a qualitative basis. Their work consists of accumulating current and vital information and provide it to members in order that they might maintain their status as major producers in the construction industry.

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