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Improving the Carmex Website

Our client Carmex, one of the country’s most well-known CPG brands, came to us seeking website improvements. Their main goal was to improve the Carmex site’s load speed and optimize the mobile experience for their users. Before working with Idea, the Carmex website was suffering from low desktop load speeds and even lower mobile speeds, which negatively affects performance. Our team of experts got to work improving our client’s website and fixing the speed issues they were experiencing.

With our technical know-how and understanding of user behavior, we were able to make major improvements to the Carmex website experience, while also improving the website speeds for mobile and desktop users. The Carmex website’s mobile pagespeed increased by 148% and their desktop speeds increased by 40%. These website improvements help increase website traffic and encourage conversion by creating a user-friendly site that loads quickly.

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About Carmex

Carmex is a well-known brand across the United States, offering chapstick and other beauty products that consumers know and love. Carmex started in a kitchen in 1937, when Alfred Woelbing started making Carmex® by hand, pouring the medicated lip balm into the now-classic jars in his kitchen in an attempt to remedy his cold sores. Today, Carmex is still a family owned brand, but they’ve grown a lot since their beginning.

Carmex has been in business for 8 decades, and has now expanded into 150 countries worldwide! They are one of many brands that are easily recognizable to customers, and for good reason. Since 1999 pharmacists have ranked Carmex® the No. 1 recommended over-the-counter lip balm brand. As a small, family brand, Carmex cares deeply about its customers and is committed to helping them look and feel the very best!

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