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Energy Drink Web Design in Illinois

After starting a small brewery in Western Springs, Illinois, Joe Fornari got the itch for the beverage space and soon thereafter launched Bird Brain Energy Drinks.

Bird Brain Energy is a Startup Beverage Company

“We’re a mental health company that makes an energy drink.”
Joe Fornari, Founder

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E-Commerce Website to Sell Energy Drinks for Mental Health

Bird Brain’s natural Nootropic health benefits highlight focus, mental performance and improved cognition, and the company itself supports broader mental health initiatives. But, the visual brand, the messaging, and the tone of voice are intentionally contradictory. Online, all three elements–the positive health benefits, the charitable giveback, and the quirky, irreverent humor–had to play well together.

  • Custom WooCommerce Website
  • Dynamic Graphic Movement & Animations
  • Ongoing Website Support and Maintenance

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Plainfield Park District, Plainfield, IL
Park District Website Project

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