We have to start by first acknowledging that Alexa is not an individual but a database of information about websites. Think of it as the Olympics of the Internet where sites compete worldwide for that top spot. As with the Olympics, you have the option to look at the best competitors from individual countries. Currently, the top five websites in the world are Google, FaceBook, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Windows Live. These five are fairly consistent and have held the rest of the pack off for years.

There are a lot of great tools available which will identify where your site stands including on Alexa’s site under the “Site Info” tab. It also provides a quick reference for your world rank as well as the country your site originates from. The Quirk SearchStatus Toolbar provides information on a constant basis, which will help you monitor your site’s performance on a day-to-day basis. Simply mouse-over the provider you would like to view to see the ranking.

Alexa is not the tell-all solution to determining if your website is a success. Started in 1996, Alexa is an older form of measurement when compared to newer systems like Google PageRank and Compete. To evaluate the true success of a website, all three should be taken into consideration. The Quirk SearchStatus Toolbar provides rankings for Alexa, Google PageRank, Compete, as well as mozRank in addition to other great tools to assist web developers, marketing professionals, or curious business owners.