Idea Marketing Group’s lead web developer, Len, has been working with Idea since 2013, and is actually celebrating his 5th year anniversary with us next week on February 6th!

Len has learned a lot throughout his professional career and has a strong background in building, designing, and maintaining websites. At Idea, he specializes in in building HTML/CSS websites for businesses that are fully functional and optimized for search, and he has established a wide collection of website build-outs for a variety of different industries. Adding to Len’s awesomeness, he also excels in database management, PHP programming, and interface design.

Clearly, Len knows all there is to know about web development, and he is our go-to source when we have questions about the technical side of web design.

Idea’s president Darren Fox said:

“I jokingly refer to Len as the mad scientist because somehow he finds a way. I love that he is so passionate about solving problems and he takes them all on, without hesitation. Idea would not be in the place we are now without him.”

In addition to being a technology-nerd, Len is also a big fan of rainy days, science, and sushi. You’ll never catch Len in a happy mood in the AM as he’s not much of a morning person. Oh, and don’t give him an over-cooked steak with bleu cheese- he hates that too.

We can’t thank Len enough for all of his hard work and dedication, and are more than lucky to have him on the Idea team. We wish you a very happy 5th year anniversary, Len! Woo-hoo!

To learn more about our all-star developer, click here to check out Len’s bio!