The Internet is filled with many websites that allow for visitors to leave reviews about your company. Many review sites cover a broad range of categories while others hone in on a specific industry. For instance, internet giant Google allows for viewers to post reviews on their local map results making it a powerful marketing tool for businesses that provides services or products locally.

Many shoppers now look to the Internet first before making a purchasing decision. Reviews can be a compelling source on whether or not a purchase is made. The amount of reviews available can sometimes be enough to persuade a shopper simply because that many others have made the same purchase before them. Others will read the reviews to find one that relates to who they are or addresses a question they need answered.

It is true that people are more likely to take the time to provide a negative critique rather than share a positive experience. That is why businesses need to be proactive and ask their customers to partake in a website review  the business provides. It is good to have several review websites available since many require an account and your customer may already be signed up with one or you can encourage them on the benefits of using an account when shopping.

There are websites that do not require an account before leaving a review. These accounts make it easy for competition to leave negative feedback simply out of intimidation, ignorance or jealously. Take it with a grain of salt knowing that your company must be doing the right thing if you have the competition that worried.

The pros of review websites out-weigh the cons, so it is a good idea for businesses to stay current with popular review websites because it very well could be where your next customer finds you.

Here are some review websites for your arsenal: