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Quick Website Check For Business Owners

As a business owner, how do you check to see if any search engine optimization was done to your website? For a small business, not being found in a search engine is crucial in today’s competitive market. It can also seem like a waste if you have put a lot of money into your website and you are not seeing any impact from the website on your business. Here are a couple of simple steps that anyone can do to check their website.   Checking your website for Meta Tags Meta Tags are sections of code on a website that...

Who is Alexa and Why Should I Know?

We have to start by first acknowledging that Alexa is not an individual but a database of information about websites. Think of it as the Olympics of the Internet where sites compete worldwide for that top spot. As with the Olympics, you have the option to look at the best competitors from individual countries. Currently, the top five websites in the world are Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Windows Live. These five are fairly consistent and have held the rest of the pack off for years. There are a lot of great tools available which will identify where your site...

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