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Common Website Mistakes That Can Kill Business

President Darren Fox of Idea Marketing Group was recently asked to some share insight on common website mistakes that can kill business. Every element on your website has the ability to build — or damage — how visitors perceive you....

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How Often to Update a Website: Update Early, Update Often

Your website is like a store. Customers need a reason to stay interested. One of the best ways to keep them coming back is to provide regular website maintenance, and routinely update your content. Is there a new product, a...

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Website Redesign Tips: When To Get a Website Redesign

Many businesses ask when is a good time to redo a website? The old rule of thumb was to simply say three years and leave it at that. Three years in the Internet world go by in a flash. Internet...

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Business Facebook Page Tips

Learn the best business Facebook page tips from Idea Marketing Group. We offer top-rated SEO marketing plans for businesses to help build their digital presence.

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Review Websites: Do They Help or Hurt Business?

Discover if review websites help or hurt businesses in Idea Marketing Groups educational blog. Learn the importance of businesses having reviews.

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Restaurant Website Design: Restaurant Menu, Where Are You?

Idea Marketing Group, a top-rated web design agency has insight into the importance of restaurant website design. Top brands choose Idea for food & beverage web design.

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Quick Website Check For Business Owners

As a business owner, how do you check to see if any search engine optimization was done to your website? For a small business, not being found in a search engine is crucial in today’s competitive market. It can also...

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Who is Alexa and Why Should I Know?

Discover who is Alexa and why you should know in Idea Marketing Groups educational blog. Idea is an award-winning Chicago design company.

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