Sean Moran is the newest member of the Idea team! He joined us as a Graphic Designer in October of 2017.

Sean graduated from Tribeca Flashpoint College where he received his degree in video game programming. During college, Sean discovered his passion and fascination for graphic and UX design. He said, “A lot of people don’t notice the little things that go into the design of everyday objects, whether it be the door you open to get into work or the layout of your iTunes app. I find it all really fascinating and aim to grow that fascination to improve user experiences wherever I can.”

Outside the world of graphics, Sean has explored every artistic medium from acrylic to Adobe, making him a well-rounded visual artist. Prior to working at Idea, Sean was a graphic designer and chalkboard artist at Whole Foods Market. He also has experience working as a web designer at a Japanese toy company.

When asked why Sean likes working at Idea, he said, “I really like how open the environment is here. There’s not one person that’s left on their little island. Even though not everyone may be working on the same project, there’s still a constant sense of teamwork throughout the office. We’re all friends and we all get along. I’m a pretty awkward person, and I’ve felt welcomed here since day one.”

When Sean isn’t designing, he loves to spend his time outdoors. He’s a big fan of cycling, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing. He also paints, plays video games, and is on a life-long search for the best ramen shop around.

Check out Seans’ bio to learn more about his likes and dislikes!