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Even Though We Support IE8, You Should Move to Another Browser

IE8 is the browser we hate, yet support.

Even if you are still running Windows XP, you should ditch Internet Explorer 8 and move to a more modern, secure browser.

Chances are, you are running Windows XP because you work for a government agency, with a large enterprise operation or you live in China. That’s what the stats say about people still running Windows XP. So, if moving off Windows XP is out of your control, you can still ditch IE8 and download Firefox or Chrome (for FREE!).

Do it for compatibility! Do it for security! Do it just to do it!

Although we advocate for abandoning IE8, Idea Marketing Group still builds to support IE8. Our stance is that once Microsoft stops supporting it, we can too. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be vocal about our dislike of IE8.

Microsoft and Idea Still Support IE8

If your work computer is still running Windows XP, you might start collecting articles for the IT boss about the not-so-secret news that Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April 2014. Or you might consider starting a job search because it seems your boss is stuck in an antiquated model of business and IT that will eventually become obsolete. Just saying.

The facts: Most people using Internet Explorer 8 use Windows XP. Microsoft supported Windows XP for 12 years. In technology years, that is like, a century. But, if you think back to 2002 when Windows XP first came out, that was when the internet was becoming widely popular, and home computer sales were through the roof. Facebook did not exist yet and sites may have looked a lot like our vintage site, however, people were using their computers to browse the world wide web at an escalating rate.

Why does Idea still support IE8?

Although statistics show decreases in the use of IE8, there are still more people using all versions of IE than Firefox. And depending on the target audience for a client, there are some organizations that are stuck using it. Do you really want to turn away a lead or eCommerce sale because they are stuck on an old browser?

Until Microsoft pulls the plug, we’ll follow suit.

IE8 – The Browser We Hate

Internet Explorer 8 came out in 2009. That’s like half a century in tech years.

Google Analytics stopped supporting it at the end of 2013.

Overall usage of IE8 is steadily declining.

IE8 has bugs, lots of bugs, that will never get patched.

Even those still stuck on Windows XP are not forced to use it. There are other browser options, free ones.

Your shiny new cutting-edge website will not run the same on IE8. The modified IE8 version of your website won’t have the bells and whistles you hired us to do, it just can’t handle it.

Even though we support IE8, we implore you to try another browser, any other browser.